Elder administers ACT to juniors

Juniors at Elder will be given the ACT on April 19th

photoshop by Andrew Schenkel

Juniors at Elder will be given the ACT on April 19th

Throughout every student’s junior year, they spend a ridiculous amount of money on taking standardized tests such as the ACT or SAT. Each of these tests are given early on Saturday mornings and are usually only available at certain school, most of which aren’t very convenient. However, Elder High School has decided to make things a lot easier for their students when it comes to taking these standardized tests for their future colleges.

For the first time ever, Elder has decided to administer the ACT to every member of the junior class during the school day. The option to give the ACT to students has always been available but just has never been put together until this year.

There are also many advantages to being given the ACT during a regular school day.

“Some advantages to the students while taking this ACT is that there is absolutely no cost of taking it while when you usually take it on the weekend, the cost can range from forty to sixty dollars,” mentioned Mr. Ken Sovern, a counselor at Elder.

Sovern also said, “It also gives the students another chance to take the ACT if they haven’t done very well on their past attempts or they haven’t been able to take the ACT due to other commitments on Saturday mornings when the test is usually given.”

Sovern also had a message for students who are planning on not taking the ACT seriously when it is given during the school day.

“Although it isn’t being given like it usually is, this is the actual ACT and not a practice one. Each student should take this completely serious because the scores will definitely count and can be sent to the colleges you are planning to apply to,” commented Sovern.

Like Sovern said, the ACT being given to students on April 19th is the real ACT and every student should try their best on it and take it seriously.