Addressing The Ranch

Addressing The Ranch

The Ranch was what I what I expected and a little bit more. I like most things Ashton Kutcher does and this was no exception. When I heard the Danny Masterson and Ashton Kutcher would be teaming up on another show I knew I’d have to check it out.

Its obvious that Netflix knows and panders to what the people want. They probably can check how many people have watched episodes of That 70’s Show online. They did it with Fuller House, knowing it was a safe bet to make because people remember Full House so fondly.

Now The Ranch is not the same as That 70’s Show, but they have a couple similarities that remind you of the original. Hyde and Rooster (Danny Masterson’s character in The Ranch) are pretty different. Same with Kelso and the new Colt Bennet. They are similar in the sense that they are buddies (or in this case brothers) who hang out and mess with each other. They work well on screen together and their chemistry shows.

The Ranch is shot similarly to how That 70’s Show was. The sets and a lot of shots are familiar feeling. Of course the sets are new but they do remind you of That 70’s Show. I enjoy that part a lot.

Garrison is a lot like the west side of Cincinnati. Ashton Kutcher’s character is a washed up football legend who took his high school team to state back in his senior year.  Now he lives at home helping his dad (Sam Elliot) run a ranch. On the west side old Elder football heroes are remembered and recognized just as Colt is throughout the show. Garrison is a small town and a good fictional city (just like Point Place, Wisconsin in That 70’s Show) for our character to interact and live. I like the jokes about Colt leaving for 15 years to try football and having it not work out. Rooster wants to remind him constantly about how he abandoned the family, and those are some of the best jokes in the show .

The show wants you to know this is a Netflix original and not a product of cable. To show this they say the F word constantly.  Sometimes it’s funny because you think “yeah I bet adult ranchers probably talk like that.” Other times it seems like it’s just written in to remind you “hey, you can’t say that on television.”

I was confused at why the mom and dad don’t live together. For at least half the season I thought they were divorced. I mean obviously Beau is a pain to get along with so I wouldn’t want to live with him. Beau is written well. Elliot really fits the part perfectly. He’s stubborn, old, tough, gritty, and very conservative. The Vietnam vet and Reagan worshipper is made to play somewhat of a stereotype and he does it well.

Heather is extremely good looking other than that she’s pretty forgettable. Abby is another strong character. She and Colt dated in high school and you can really tell she feels like she belongs at the Bennett house. Her boyfriend Kenny is funny but it’s obvious that he is just there to delay Colt and Abby getting together. The end of the season hints that they will.

The one thing that bothers me is I wish the theme song was different. It’s a very slow western song that does set the mood for a show about a ranch, but I would have liked to see the it scroll through the actors to a more upbeat song. Theme songs are very important. When a funny joke is said at the beginning of the show then it cuts cleverly to the theme song you can enjoy it. The opening scene puts you in a good mood and the song gets you pumped to start the actual show. This song not no so much. This song is nowhere near as catchy as something like The Office or even How I Met Your Mother. Both those songs have amazing openings that really get me excited for every new episode. Maybe this one will grow on me.

All in all the show was entertaining enough for me to watch all ten episodes in one day. It was funny and I enjoy seeing Danny working with Ashton once again. I think the show has a good setup and potential to be solid down the line.

The first season isn’t showing flashes of greatness, but it has promise. I’ll give the first season a 6/10 and recommend you watch it. How can you not enjoy Ashton Kutcher, he’s funny and the guy most guys wanna be. Give it a couple episodes. Maybe in a year or two you can say you were one of the first to like a hit show. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes.


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