It’s Always Sunny Sweeps through Elder

The Its Always Sunny crew promoting the newest season

The It’s Always Sunny crew promoting the newest season

Television has been a key part of most people’s lives since its arrival in the late 1920s. Once there used to be only news and some silly shows on the televisions across America, but now, we have a plethora of different options to watch on T.V. Even better, now, there is a subscription service called Netflix which allows you to watch any show at any time.

Ever since I have had Netflix, I have found many different shows that I just love to watch. While I love many of them, my all-time favorite has to be It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Many students here at Elder have heard about this fantastic show. It is edgy, very close to over the line, but I think it does a great job of keeping it classy at all times. No other show, in my opinion has done this good of a job. Also, I would find it hard to believe that any other show has swept over not only an audience, but the world like this show. Every time I watch it I end up literally laughing out loud no matter if I’m with others or by myself.

Recently, the “gang” just released the season 11 of the show. To me, this might have been one of the best of all time. Each year they continue to amaze me how they continue to make it funnier and funnier. To be honest, I would think that the episodes would start to deter in their hilarity but they do not. Somehow, every year, they come up with new and edgy content that cracks me up. This year, I believe that it could have been one of the best.

Matthew Singler and Brian Smedley are huge fans of the show and told me they love it. They both said that if they had to pick a show to watch for the rest of their lives, they would pick this one.

However, as with everything in the world, not everyone is a fan. Austin James, the world’s worst human being, doesn’t like the show. Or at least, he claims to not like it. Now Mr. James is the worst person in the world because every time he has seen an episode he has almost started to cry from laughing so hard, but he claims to “hate” the show that has “no funny content” for the simple fact that I love it. You see, Austin is one of those people, if you disagree with him on one topic, then you are wrong forever in his eyes. That is fine though, I will let him spread his blasphemy for the fact of the matter is that he probably sits in his basement and cracks up at the show when he is alone.

As for season 11, my least favorite episode was “Being Frank”. The entire show was filmed from the eyes of Frank. It was a great concept and it definitely could have been funny, but I just think that it lacked the jokes that are usually there. My favorite episode has to be “The Gang Goes to Hell Part 1 and 2”. This is one of the funniest episodes I have ever seen. There is definitely some controversial jokes in there and it is just downright hilarious.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, I highly recommend it. Also if you are interested in more on season 11 and It’s Always Sunny in general, go check out my ThingLink that I was forced into making for this article –