Elder welcomes new faculty


Kathy Hirth

Mr. Justin Quatman, Mrs. Tara Tuttle, and Mr. TJ Evert are all excited to be new members of Elder’s faculty and staff.

At the beginning of this school year, three new faculty members joined the Elder family along with this years’ freshman class. Mr. TJ Evert, Mr. Justin Quatman, and Mrs. Tara Tuttle have been adjusting to their new teaching position as well as meeting all their fellow faculty members and students.

For those who don’t have the opportunity to get close to these great teachers in the classroom, The Purple Quill has everything you need to know about the three new additions to Elder’s faculty.

Mr. TJ Evert started his teaching career in Texas before moving to Cincinnati in 2002. Before coming to Elder, Evert taught a few miles down the road at Mother of Mercy High School while also working in the world of banking.

Evert decided to make the move to Elder due to an opportunity to work in technology, math, and science.

“I also was very curious about the medical ramifications of ‘bleeding purple’,” added Evert.

Outside of the classroom, Evert is interested for what he described as STEAM which stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Along with STEAM, Evert mentioned that he enjoys playing chess, watching movies, and playing the guitar although it may not be the best sound in the world.

Evert has really enjoyed his first month at Elder and loves working with the great students and faculty in the fantastic facilities that Elder has to offer. He also mentioned that Elder’s school spirit and tradition is simply amazing.

From the moment that I left the school, I knew I wanted to come back. I am beyond thrilled to be back and working at my second home”

— Mr. Justin Quatman

Mr. Justin Quatman, a graduate of Elder in 2012, is the newest, and youngest, member of Elder’s outstanding English Department. Quatman prepared for his new profession while attending The Ohio State University where he observed in schools around the Columbus area and spent his senior year at St. Francis DeSales High School as a student teacher.

A major goal of Quatman’s has always been to come back to Elder as a teacher.

Quatman expressed his gratitude for being given the opportunity by saying, “From the moment that I left the school, I knew I wanted to come back. I am beyond thrilled to be back and working at my second home.”

“Elder’s faculty, academics, athletics, and atmosphere are unlike anything I have seen in other schools. It truly is a special place and I wanted nothing more than to be a part of it again.” added Quatman.

During his first month at Elder, Quatman has tried to get to know as many of the students as he can.

“What I have enjoyed most about being back at Elder is meeting many of the students and getting to know them as people. As a new teacher, many of the students in the school did not know who I was a few weeks ago,” he commented.

Quatman also has a lot of praise for his fellow faulty members, “Not only have I enjoyed meeting many students, but also meeting many of the faculty members as well. The amazing faculty at this school is truly what makes Elder a special place.”

Mrs. Tara Tuttle began her teaching career while studying at Thomas More College where she holds a B.A. in English, Theater, and Speech. After graduating, Tuttle began teaching across the river in Park Hills, Kentucky at Notre Dame Academy where she taught English, public speaking, film study, and theater to all grade levels.

After teaching for several years at Notre Dame, Tuttle decided to move back closer to home and began teaching English and religion at St. Williams for nine years.

As well as teaching, Mrs. Tuttle loves to spend her free time as a walking tour guide for American Legacy Tours giving a tour called, “Newport is Haunted”. She also tries her best to continue to volunteer at St. Williams as much as she can.

Tuttle showed her excitement to be teaching at Elder by saying, “Being hired at Elder is a dream come true.  It was always my goal to get back to teaching high school, and I can’t imagine a better place to be!”

Tuttle has really enjoyed her first month at Elder and has been impressed by the student and faculty.

I truly feel welcomed and embraced by the Elder community”

— Mrs. Tara Tuttle

“First of all, the students are fantastic.  I find the young men here to be polite, academically driven, and very entertaining,” commented Tuttle.

“The faculty members are wonderful also.  They have been incredibly helpful and supportive as I adjust to the new school,” she added.

Mrs. Tuttle also has been amazing by the school spirit of the students and the community of Elder.

“I enjoy the passion that everyone has for the school itself – where else in the world can one find that?  I truly feel welcomed and embraced by the Elder community,” Tuttle said.

Mr. Evert, Mr. Quatman, and Mrs. Tuttle are all great addition to the faculty and staff of Elder High School and The Purple Quill welcomes them to the Elder family.