SAFTB’s movement sweeps through the nation

A Barstool writer creates a phrase that is sweeping the nation.

SAFTBs movement sweeps through the nation

On June 10th, 2016, John Feitelberg of Barstool Sports exposed us to a trend that would soon sweep the internet and later parts of the nation. All it took was a tweet:

Feitleburg's tweet
Feitleberg’s tweet

While in the moment, John may have not realized what he had started, a movement had been born. Every weekend you can hear guys, dudes, bros, and even a select group of ladies echo “SATURDAYS ARE FOR THE BOYS!!!” While these five words may seem like just another frat bro war cry, the weight that these words carry is much more than that.

This phenomenon has gone from a funny slogan on Twitter to a whole new sector of merchandise for Barstool Sports. Whether you want a SAFTB’s shirt expressing your love for your favorite college team, or a flag to fly at your tailgate, the guys over at Barstool have you covered when it comes to all things “for the boys.”

This phrase can be interpreted in many different ways. Some may view this as an excuse to get away from their significant other for a whole day, while others see it as a way to bro-out with some of their buddies from the past. That is the beauty of Saturday being for the Boy’s, it can be interpreted however one would like to.

This trend has become so big that even a group known as, “Two guys, one van,” have made a theme song. An anthem of sorts for the boys.

Some of the men of Elder High have even bought into the day being strictly for the boys. John Rokich, a man infamous not only for his love of Saturdays, but also for the boys wanted to throw his two cents in on the matter.

“Females come and go, but the boys, the boys will last a lifetime,”  said Rokich. Expanding on that fact, he explained that Elder itself is very much a “for the boys environment to begin with.”

Josh Masminster, a senior at Elder, has bought into the hype so much that he has even purchased a shirt. He claims that Saturday’s always meant something to him, they now just mean that much more.

He spoke with absolute passion and tenacity in his voice saying, “Ever since the movement came into play I began to wake up with a whole new feeling, a feeling that this day was strictly dedicated to the boys.”

Josh went on to explain that being with your boys and being able to spend a whole day with them is something special, something that he no longer takes for granted. A day where no drama takes place and no fights break out. “A day that our rivals in red over on Ebenezer Road will never be able to take part in.”

Some things in life come and go. A guy could have a girlfriend that he believes he will one day marry, but in the end she turns out not to be the one. A college student could choose a major that he or she thinks could be a life-long passion, but in the end turn out to be a nightmare of a career. However, when all is said and done the boys will always be there no matter what. This is the beauty of SAFTB’s.

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