Fantasy Football: Winners and Losers

Fantasy Football: Winners and Losers

We are four weeks into the NFL season which means Fantasy owners are at a turning point in their seasons. We’ll take an in depth look at four players who have thrived and four who have not through week four.

The good:

  1. Marvin Jones

This one hits home because we as Bengals fans see what could’ve been if this breakout stud would’ve signed. Jones is second in the league in receiving yards (482) behind only Julio Jones (488) because of Julio’s 300 yard performance this past weekend. Going later in drafts, nobody had huge expectations for Marvin in a poor Detroit system but he has proven that he is a top-tier receiver in the NFL. (8,11,32,7)

  1. Stefon Diggs

If you’re in a PPR league then Stefon Diggs is a must have. Diggs has 20 catches through the first three games as well as 325 yards and a touchdown. Diggs is poised to be a big performer on Monday Night against the Giants in Minnesota. The second year wide out from Maryland has quickly emerged as a star on a shocking Vikings team this year. Despite a week 3 performance that saw only 40 yards, Diggs bounced back and did alright against NY, amassing nine points for PPR fantasy owners. (10,24,4,9)

Steffon Diggs, second year WR for the Minnesota Vikings
  1. Demarco Murray

It was my personal belief that he never should have left the Cowboys. Two years ago he was poised to break the rush yards in a season record set by Eric Dickerson for the Rams way back when. Murray was a late round pick and has been balling out for Tennesse this season. PPR leagues have seen him go for 17,13,21, & 23 so far this season. If he is available snatch him up.

  1. LeGarrette Blount

The guy who nobody thought would be a star. After a poor 2015, Blount surprised most people by doing very well this season. The Tom Brady-less Patriots were finally forced to test the run game on a more consistent basis, and boy did Blount rise to the occasion. Blount has done damage in the first three weeks but week four was not kind to the Patriots, being shut out by the Bills and thus, stifling Blount’s breakout season. Tom Brady returns this week so we will see if they continue to utilize Blount or rely on Brady’s golden arm.

The bad:

  1. Todd Gurley

Ranked as the number one RB in ESPN’s draft board, Gurley has done close to nothing for those naïve enough to believe the hype. Other than a decent week three, Gurley has been nothing but abysmal for fantasy owners. Scoring 4,6,20, and 7 points in the first four games, Gurley has been an enormous bust thus far. He still has time to rebound but the Rams’ RB better turn it around soon.

2. Andrew Luck

After a stellar week one, which featured Luck throwing for 385 yards and four touchdowns, Luck has played like a less than average QB. Week two saw Luck throw for 197 and one TD but he threw an interception and fumbled the ball away. In Luck’s third performance, he amassed more yardage than the week previous but he again had two turnovers, one fumble and one INT.

  1. Cam Newton

Losing the Super bowl hasn’t appeared to motivate “Superman” at all. Following an MVP season, Cam has led the Panthers to a 1-3 start while amassing very few fantasy points to make up for it. Cam Newton still has time to improve but after a week four concussion, he looks to return to his old form in week five or six. (20,29,12,15)

  1. Eddie Lacy

Not so shocking on this one but Eddie Lacy is not producing the way he was expected to. After an absolutely terrible 2015, plagued by weight issues, Lacy worked all off season to lose the gut and bring back his speed. The plan worked but it didn’t work enough. Lacy is still disappointing fantasy owners with his inability to break off big runs. (7,5,10,BYE)