“The Pit” mysteriously tweeting

Who is the person behind this mystery twitter account?

The Pit informs the students it is a Black Out

“The Pit” informs the students it is a Black Out

As most people know, Twitter is a popular social media site among the Elder student body and faculty. Many people have a twitter account under their name or business, but there are also many accounts that are anonymous. These accounts bring up one big questions, who is the responsible for this content? At Elder this question can now be applied to the account known as ‘The Pit”

Since the beginning of the football season “The Pit has emerged as serving as a student section account for the Elder student body similar to what many other high schools have. I asked many students who they believe is behind this account and received a variety of answers.

Talking to a group of seniors, many said they believe that Michael Groh is the owner of this account, for the sole reason that his catch phrases like “How we doin…” have appeared on the twitter feed. Others, like Joe Reiter believes that it is in fact Mr. Bill’s real job.

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Other theories or who this mystery owner is, include Adam Keller, or Mr. Rogers for their wizardly skills on Photoshop. Personally I believe it could someone involved in our student council or a newer graduate who is now part of the faculty.

Tweets posted by “The Pit” have come in many different ways. From polls of what the themes should be on Friday to reactions of a play someone made, the tweets are always supporting the Panthers in a “positive fashion.”

But this account is not the only one out there with questions about ownership. Other anonymous accounts include the newly created “Clown Clan”, and any fake celebrity account such as “Fill Werrell”.

As the fall sports season comes to a close the winter sports will start kick up, and we will see if “The Pit” keeps spreading the word on the future themes of the cheering sections of Elder.