5 costumes to avoid this Halloween



Costumes to avoid this Halloween include politicians, internet celebrities, make-believe characters and former childhood favorites.

(this article reprinted from the October print edition of The Purple Quill)

Some people find it hard to find a Halloween costume year after year. But I’m here to narrow down your choices with the five things you shouldn’t wear.

Harambe: It’s time to stop referencing Harambe in every other sentence. Although it was a devastating loss and we should never forget him, is it really necessary to dress up like a gorilla and drag your friend around at the Halloween party that you are attending? You may get a few pity laughs from your friends that told you not to buy that costume because you’re going to embarrass yourself. You may be thinking, Tyler, you have a quote about Harambe for your online profile for The Purple Quill. In my defense, I picked it during the second week of school, and I’m pretty sure he was still trending on twitter. But that’s beside the point just don’t dress up like a gorilla for Halloween.

Clowns: We have all heard about clown attacks and sightings around the country. Fear is still in the air and having a whole bunch of kids dressing up as killer clowns might raise the concerns of the people in your neighborhood. It might cause them to call law enforcement and who really wants to take a ride down town on Halloween night. So with all that said just don’t wear a clown costume or you could be in for a long night.

Ken Bone: Yes, I know the Ken Bone legacy just started, but we need to kill it before it gains more momentum. I mean what’s so cool about a slightly overweight man in a red sweater. So what if he also happens to look at some weird stuff on Reddit asking about energy polices and what the candidates if elected will do to keep him employed. I really feel for the Gonzaga assistant basketball coach that happens to share the same name with Red sweater guy. He used to be who popped up first when you typed the letters K-e-n-b-o-n-e on the internet.

Presidential Candidates: All I hear on TV is Trump this or Hillary that. It’s even worse on twitter where students my age who won’t even get to vote for two or more years think that they are representatives of their favorite candidate. If your one of those select few who keep tweeting about your favorite candidates just realize no one thinks your cool because following right behind every one of your ignorant tweets is the phrase #makeamericagreatagain. Even worse than seeing those tweets would be seeing someone dressed up like Trump or Hillary. So do me a favor and don’t do it.

Pokémon: I’m begging you to not dress up like anything associated with Pokémon. We have all at one point downloaded the app Pokémon Go and if you haven’t, give yourself a pat on the back. That trend is 100% dead and it will be a direct slap in the face to your family’s honor if you wear anything that even remotely has anything to do with Pokémon. If one kid dressed as Pikachu comes to my door on Halloween, I will give him a bag of rocks and steal his or her candy. So with all that said just don’t where a Pokémon costume, it just not a good idea.