Tis’ the season

Hunting season, that is.


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Every fall deer hunters prepare for the upcoming deer season, they set up tree stands, put up cameras and buy tags. The deer season for hunters using archery starts in late September and lasts until late fall. However if hunters wish to use guns they can only do so for about a week usually near the end of November through the start of December.

All 50 states have laws and game wardens with in-state rules and regulations to keep all hunted animals population in check, such as local states like Ohio , Indiana , and Kentucky.

Hunting white tail deer requires one to have patience, focus, and alertness at all times. I talked to Bryce Martin and Nick Dirr about their personal hunting experiences. Also, not every hunting trip results in a success.

Nick Dirr, who hunts at his dad’s house and at his property in Patriot, Indiana got involved with hunting at a young age. “I started hunting when I was in fourth grade, I killed my first deer when I was in eighth grade.”

” My most memorable hunt would have to be in the fall of my Freshman year. It was around November and in the morning my dad killed a 10 point buck in the morning that ended up falling and dying about five feet from our stand and later that night I killed my biggest buck which was a 8 point,” said Dirr.

.44 Magnum Lever-Action (used by Nick Dirr in Indiana
.44 Magnum Lever-Action (used by Nick Dirr in Indiana

“When I hunt I use either a compound bow in my Dad’s backyard, or when I’m at the property in Indiana I use a .44 Magnum Lever-Action.”

As for this year Nick hasn’t had any success up to this point in the season but he told me he is looking to get one this weekend.

Bryce Martin hunts in Owenton, Kentucky. He got into hunting through family and friends. “My dad, uncle, and best friend always hunted so when I was 10 years old I gave it a try.”

Bryce hunts with a .30-06 rifle during gun season and a PSE Omen bow for the rest of the year. His most memorable hunting experience was when he killed two turkey with one shot.

PSE Omen
PSE Omen

Bryce thinks hunting is special because “being able to kill your own food and prepare it yourself gives you a different perspective on life.”

Local hunters are about a month into deer season as they look to take down some monster bucks before the season comes to an end in the beginning of February.