Alumni Director becomes a hermit

What are the many things this man is doing behind the scenes?

Just a man and his job.

Zach Lyons '17

Just a man and his job.

On June 27, 2011, Brian Bill came to Elder as the alumni director and an assistant in development. Little did he know he would later become an integral piece to Elder’s future growth. As of this summer, Mr. Bill not only is the alumni director and assistant development director, but now he is also the public relations director, and webmaster of Elder.

Mr. Ruffing realized that Mr. Bill worked consistently on our webpages, but no one really knew that.

“He worked on all of our sites and social media, and I just wanted to make it official,” Mr. Ruffing said.

By being our new webmaster at Elder, Mr. Bill makes sure all of our .org and .net websites are all up to date. Also he is in charge of Elder’s social media pages to make sure our school is getting more exposure, and he gets out positive stories about those who are a part of the Elder community. Though he is not all that great with Twitter, he told me social media seems like the place to be.

Follow Mr. Bill on Twitter, it's #awesome
Zach Lyons
Follow Mr. Bill on Twitter, it’s #awesome

“I have scheduled tweets for each day, and time for them to send out. I’m not the best on it, but I am really starting to get the hang of it all. I learned a lot from watching J.P. Owens,” he said.  (hit him up on his real twitter account @AlumniBri it’s #awesome)

“There was a lack of news going out, so I wanted to get more out to the Elder community,” he told me.

“I want to let people know stories going on about Elder, and how the alumni, student and or faculty are effecting the community. I think it is special to get positive stories out, such as how Mr. Buetsche just finished the designs for the hotel over in Covington. I want to show people that we have an art teacher that is actually doing art, and you can see his work around town. To me it is not always about perspective students, but if that student who loves art see that, he may think that is really cool and want to come to Elder to learn from a man like Mr. Buetsche,”  said Bill.

Mr. Bill is also doing a lot for Elder alumni. Six graduates who wrote for The Purple Quill in the 1960s came into town from all over the US last week and visited the old Quill classroom in the tower. He was able to make sure those alumni had a great visit, even though it was a pep rally Friday.

When it comes to being the Webmaster, he is getting the hang of it, keeping our news updated. I wouldn’t be able to do it without the help of others, he told me, so it has been nice knowing your able to depend on other people here at Elder.

“It would be really hard for me without help from others, I can get side tracked pretty easy with how much I am trying to do all at once,” he told me.

Now being in charge of all these things, it has really taught me how to get better with time management and staying on top of it all. Mr. Bill is up at Elder later than most of us would expect, staying here until 9 is a normal night for him.

This really shows what kind of work ethic he really has, and how much Elder means to him, and he means to Elder.