Battlefield 1 tops all war games

Battlefield 1 tops all war games

War video games are the most played video games and bring in the most revenue in the gaming market. From little kids hopping on the Xbox 360 to play with some friends on a Friday night to competitive players joining teams to shoot some enemies on the PS4, these games offer to many different crowds and areas of interest.

EA Dice has always seemed to get the bottom of the headlines in their Battlefield series due to the incredible history and name that the Call of Duty Series has. However, Call of Duty has gamers more displeased than ever and receiving many harsh reviews lately leaving the war game up in the air for this year. EA Dice knew that this was their opportunity to rise to the occasion and put out a video that will finally move the majority of gamers in their direction.

Call of Duty has been putting out straight garbage lately, in my opinion, and ever since Call of Duty: Black Ops was released on November 9, 2010 I have yet to purchase another one. This year, I decided to take my gaming talents elsewhere and ended up buying the PS4 version of the new Battlefield 1. EA Dice has been consistently been releasing good war games in their Battlefield series, however, this was their break through. Players have an all new experience in how they virtually destroy Nazi terrorists in World War 2. Whether you are in a trench battle hopping in and out of tanks on the front line or soaring high above the sky dropping bombs on enemy lines, this game brings a whole new experience into virtual warfare.

Avid fan Jake Roth told me, “I have never played another war game better than Battlefield 1, …definitely a game that I will keep playing for a long time.”

Battlefield 1 has topped all the charts and destroyed the sales of the opposing war game Call of Duty Infinite Warfare thus far. Everyone is sick and tired of Treyarch and Infinity Ward releasing almost half worked games. The Call of Duty franchise hasn’t released an actual “good” game in my eyes since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Thus, leaving the race wide open for the best new war video game.

I really have been impressed with Battlefield 1 by my own play, and big gaming critics have been very happy with it’s play as well. Battlefield 1 has received a 9/10 stars on gamespot and that 9/10 on metacritic, along with praises such as “A war game never seen before” and is up for many game of the year awards.

Battlefield 1 offers many unique editions and is user friendly to all as I highly encourage all of you to give it a look- and a purchase.