Freshman pianist showcases his talents

Alexander Carroll is a bright spot in the Glee Club’s future.

Credit by Alexander Carroll

Credit by Alexander Carroll

The Elder Glee Club is known for singing Masses and their regular seasonal concerts with the famous Mr. Dave Allen playing the piano, leading on the choir.  However, this year is something entirely different is happening.

Freshman Alexander Joseph Carroll, has started to take up a rather large role for the EGC.  He has started to take a “Mr. Allen role” for the Glee Club by playing the piano during Masses and concerts.  Alex also plays Masses at his Parish as well.

Mrs. Mary Sunderhaus, who is actively involved with the Elder Glee Club, said, “The fact that he is only a freshman and is that talented, is incredible.”

Alexander performing (credit by Mrs. Giselle Carroll)
Alexander performing
(credit by Mrs. Giselle Carroll)

“I’ve known the Carroll family for a while and it was no shock to me that he was this talented,” Dave Allen said.   “He plays all the time during his freshman chorus class which is truly remarkable.”

“At first I wasn’t sure about playing in front of my class, but now I really like it,” Alexander said.  Carroll laughingly stated that he would rather play the piano during Glee Club rather than sing at this time.

Though he loves to perform while his class is singing behind him, but he said he is looking forward to more solo opportunities in the future.

Being an avid member of the Elder Glee Club, I was genuinely stunned at what I saw at our first class Mass of the year.  As I was sitting with the guys getting ready to sing, I looked over to the piano and saw Alex Carroll sitting in Dave Allen’s throne.

I was a little nervous that he might mess up, but he proved me wrong.  Carroll played the entire Mass with no problem.  It might have even been better than Mr. Allen.  I look forward to singing behind Alexander for the remainder of my senior year.

Alexander Carroll performing at the annual Seton Showcase (credit by Alexander Carroll)
Alexander Carroll performing at the annual Seton Showcase
(credit by Alexander Carroll)

“I started playing piano at the end of fourth grade, and I haven’t looked back,” Alexander said.  “I started to play on a little keyboard and my mom thought I should take some piano lessons.”  Mr. Carroll also stated that he practices every day, whether its piano or organ lessons and people are starting to notice.

Senior band member Bradin Roth says, “I can tell he works very hard, and it is definitely paying off.”

I wanted to see what other guys around Elder thought of Alexander, so I went through the halls to see what I could find out.

Senior Noah Hornback says, “I can only hope I will be as successful as him one day.  His talent is absolutely extraordinary!”

Noah’s brother Ben claimed that Carroll is a “Dave Allen in the making.”

Senior Jake wells said, “Alex is phenomenal!”

After seeing what Carroll has done so far, it would be hard to see him being anything other than the next Dave Allen.  I believe he has a successful career ahead of him.  If you ever have the opportunity to get an autograph from him, I would do so because that signature is going to be worth a whole lot of money some day.