JD’s dishes: Movie Edition


As 2016 draws to a close, Justin “JD” Donovan and I took  a look back at the best, worst and everything in between when it comes to movies this year.

“Yeah, so like a lot of people loved Finding Dory but I didn’t think it was very good, really I think it kinda sucked,” said JD. “I think it would have been a lot better if they never found Dory or like when they did find her she didn’t know anything at all about anything.”

“One movie I really liked was The Secret Life of Pets. It showed me some really cool stuff and showed me what my pets do when I’m not home. That ones up there with Green Mile, Rain Man and The Hangover Part One, of course.”

Mid interview JD started to tell me about his issues with the movie world today and said he had a movie that would be better than anything else that he’s seen lately.

“So like, it’s called The Loft and basically what goes down is, these five guys all throw in money to buy a loft in NYC real close to time square. They buy this place so they can cheat on their wives with hussies they meet at the bars. So they tell their wives they are going away for business and go to the loft for a few weeks. Everything is going fine till they find a dead chick in the loft. So like now they are all pointing fingers saying oh you did it, no he did it. Then they end up finding out it was the wives who killed the chick. Should be dropping soon I just gotta get some sponsors.”

Truly inspiring, and very original. Justin then told me that he noticed an allegory in one movie he watched this summer.

“So I’m watching The Angry Birds movie and I notice that it’s pretty much animal farm. This film  represents the communist, marxist bind that those kinds of governments have on countries like Cuba, Russia, one of the Korea’s, etc. The pigs represent Stalin, Hitler, Fidel Castro, all those dudes, and the birds represent society who’s trapped by the leaders and can’t do anything but they try to rise up.”

“Hated Ghostbusters. Loved Deadpool. I felt neutral towards Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. Overall I’d give 2016 a 5/9 for movies but an 8.7/9 for good times this year.”

JD is a true A&E genius and will be back for more reviews in the coming time.

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