Best college basketball jerseys of 2016-17


College basketball is back and better than ever. Not only with the play on the court, but the merchandise worn on the court. This season, a plethora of teams will debut some fresh looks.

This list is in no particular order, it just contains the new looks and a brief description about each team up to this point and how their uniforms have impacted them.

The University of Arizona Wildcats:

The Wildcats of Arizona are off to a solid 6-2 start, and ranked number 20 in

the nation. The Wildcats are looking to make some noise this season, and their uniforms are a great start. Nike created a gem. One of my personal favorites as of right now. Although, lets see if these uniforms are the key to success for the Wildcats.

The University of Georgetown Hoyas:

The Hoyas off to a slow start to say the least. 5-4, barely escaping against teams thy should be destroying. However, Georgetown is winning in the uniform department. The Hoyas are breaking out some of the greatest uniforms in college basketball history. A sleek teal look, with navy blue numbers. The Hoyas may not be winning games, but they sure are winning with their uniform.

The University of Indiana Hoosiers:

The Hoosiers are off to a good start, other then a huge upset loss against Fort Wayne. They are sticking to their hard nosed, Indiana Hoosier style of play, and are making teams earn every single basket. The Hoosiers are sitting in at number nine in the nation, but do not sleep on this team. Look for them to make things happen late in the year. The Hoosiers, debuted some fresh new uniforms for their first game of the year to honor Pearl Harbor, the uniforms were red digital camouflage, with the word: Courage, written on the back.

The University of Kentucky Wildcats:

The Kentucky Wildcats are back and looking to win another National Championship. They are off to a easy 7-1 start, with their only loss coming against a very talented UCLA Bruins team, who walked into Rupp Arena (UK home court) and came out with a 97-92 win. I think they will be in contention for the gold this year, and should be expecting big things. Their uniforms are just as sleek as their play on the court.

The University of Louisville Cardinals:

The Cards are off to a 7-1 start, ranked at number eleven in the nation. They plan to debut some new throwback jerseys, one will be all black, and the other will be a lighter, creamish color with their new type face and logos. Louisville is led by Rick Pitino, arguably one the best coaches in the nation. I think Louisville is going to make some noise, and I can’t wait to see how they look late in the year.

Marquette University Golden Eagles:

The Golden Eagles are 6-2 early on in this young college basketball season. Although their record is not great, their uniforms sure are. The Golden Eagles will break out some fresh navy blue uniforms, with yellow and grey added effects on the sides. Their play on the court is not terrific, but do not count them out just yet. They have some tough games coming up with the current number one team, Villanova, twice, number 10, Creighton, twice, and a couple other hard Big East conference games. The month of January will determine their season.

The University of Michigan Wolverines:

The Wolverines, started off 4-0, but dropped two out of four, and stand at an okay 6-2. With wins over some no name scrub teams, anyone can look good; and that’s exactly the case with the Wolverines up to this point. They have the daunting Big Ten schedule to face in January. Similar to Marquette, I think they will either make it or break it, once there hard Big Ten schedule starts.

The University of North Carolina Tar Heels:

The Tar Heels of North Carolina, off to another great start. 7-1, and ranked at number seven in the nation, North Carolina is looking for another championship season, and will be tested throughout, with their tough ACC schedule. Also, sponsored by Jordan, since Michael graduated from there, the tar heels, have some of the freshest uniforms every season. I see the Tar Heels, making a deep run in the tournament, and a definite championship contender.

The Ohio State University Buckeyes:

The Buckeyes, starting 6-2, not awful, but not exactly where they want to be. The Buckeyes have a big meeting coming up against UCLA, and a very daunting B1G Ten schedule ahead. The Buckeyes, showcase some new white home uniforms this season, a very sleek look. Although, their uniforms are cool, their play on the court needs to pick up some of the slack. They are ruining the statement, “if you look good you play good.” Very similar to Georgetown. I do not think they will make a deep run in the tournament.

The University of Ole Miss Rebels:

The rebels, also at a 6-2 start, are not that great of a team. Although, their uniforms are some of the best in the SEC. Ole Miss, has suffered a tough loss against number 12 (at that time) Creighton, and a really bad loss against Middle Tennessee State University. I doubt the rebels will be any good, but their uniforms are pretty sweet so here they are.

The University of Oregon Ducks:

The Ducks, highly praised heading into this season, but have not really lived up to the hype. They have taken some tough early L’s. One came against a very talented Baylor team, and the other came against a mediocre Georgetown team. Oregon, nonetheless, has some of the best uniforms in college sports. Their football team leads the way, but their basketball is not far behind. Do not sleep on this team though, they could shock some people late in the year.