Injuries strike during turkey bowl 2016

Is the annual tradition worth the risk?


Adam Keller

Teams Black and White after the game

The tradition of the turkey bowl, taking place the days around Thanksgiving, is an event that sweeps the nation. For the students at Elder their turkey bowls have become vastly competitive. One thing that has overshadowed this great event of backyard football however, are the concerning injuries to the all-star talent shown on the gridiron.

Ryan Jennings: Broken Collarbone

I had already score three touchdowns, so they wanted to take out the best player by knocking me out of the game. ”

— Ryan Jennings

Each year, the band takes on the glee-club the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. This is just one of many games played among the students. During this year,s battle of the arts, glee-club wide out, Ryan Jennings sustained a broken collarbone that he believes was on purpose. Jennings has said that the injury was totally worth it since he got to play a key part in the game. He also has said this injury is just a minor setback, and he will return to CYO and to the turkey bowl next year.

Ryan Ruehl: Broken and Dislocated Pinky

I wrapped him up, and started going down. That’s when my finger popped out of place.”

— Ryan Ruehl

In another game among friends, a more concerning injury occurred. While chasing down Tony Timmers, Ryan Ruehl sustained a very serious injury to his pinky finger. This injury of a bad dislocated finger has caused Ryan to get a bulky cast, and keep his finger elevated at all times. When asked about his future and if he will return to the bowl in 2017, he simply answered, “Without a doubt, I am fully devoted to winning the MVP.” He also agreed that getting hurt was worth it, and he would do it again if he could.

Josh Masminster: Broken Fibula

X-Ray of Masminsters leg
Josh Masminster
X-Ray of Masminsters leg

For the fourth consecutive year, the senior group of friends have played up at Mount Saint Joseph. This game is a tough game each year, between team black led by Ross Mullen, and team white led by Tim Tieman. This year due to a pre-game injury, and surgery, Dane Vatter was put on the IR. This caused team white to pick up Josh Masminster who would bring a much needed toughness to the team. But, this led to a disaster and tragic injury that will loom over the future of the bowl.

“I was lined up out left, and just ran a five yard stop. Simo hit me right on the numbers and I ran a few yards. That’s when I saw Bill’s mafia was ahead of me ready to make the tackle. I tried to make a move, and obviously it didn’t work. Keller was making the tackle and slid down and landed on my foot. As soon as that happened I heard the snap of a bone.” The snap Josh heard was his fibula.

“I rolled on the ground a few times probably throwing out some bad words and just sat there in pain.” The guys helped Josh to the bench, where he waited before heading to the ER. “Overall I wish I could say I’d go back and do it all over again for the love of the Turkey Bowl, but having to lay on the couch for two weeks straight with my foot in the air has changed my mind.”

It’s sad to say my CYO career is over.”

— Josh Masminster

The injury has caused a lot of thinking about his future in the turkey bowl, but one sad conclusion has already occurred for Josh. When asked about what he thinks is in store for him Josh had to think for a second.

“I’ve been a late pickup the past two years anyways, because people couldn’t make it and injuries, but I am really not sure yet. I’m sure once I get healthy and start moving around again, I’ll want to be on the field with the boys for sure. Only time will tell.” He was also given eight screws and one plate to fix the bone.

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With some serious, and some not so serious, injuries occurring this year, is the future of the Turkey Bowl in jeopardy? Were these injuries accidents, or were they created by dirty hits? Roger Goodell should definitely look into these cases for some of these players deserve an answer.