10 great places to take a date in Cincinnati


Jonathan Reiter

The Incline House in Price Hill

If you are looking for somewhere to take a date, look no further.  The city of Cincinnati and its surrounding areas are filled with restaurants, parks, and attractions.  Instead of sitting home pondering where to take your girlfriend on a Saturday night; take a look at a few of the best places around our city.

1. The Incline House:

The Incline House is right where the Price Hill incline used to reside.  The restaurant has the best view of the city.  The food is not that of an average restaurant.  Some menu items contain duck and lamb, but there are plenty of options to suffice even the pickiest of eaters. It has an outdoor seating area for an even better experience and view.

Mr. Dabbelt, Cincinnati History teacher and Elder’s Athletic Director, said it’s a great place to show a girl that you are educated because there are so many landmarks to talk about that can be seen from the restaurant.  A fact that you can bring up to try and impress your date is about the Crew Tower and Union Terminal.  They were both being built at the beginning of the Great Depression, but Cincinnati was not affected like other cities during this economic period because we already had the building projects funded.  If you can’t impress a girl with this knowledge, then she probably is not a keeper.

2.  Newport on the Levee:

The Levee is one of the best places to take a date because it’s located right off the Purple People Bridge, and there are plenty of things to do.  Newport is home to the following places and restaurants: AMC movie theater, the Aquarium, Cold Stone Creamery, Brio’s, and Dewey’s Pizza.  Clay Sohngen really likes to go on dates at Newport.  He said, “It’s expensive enough to show that you care, but it does not bust your wallet.”  After your meal or movie, you can walk along the famous Ohio River.

3.  Buckhead Mountain Grille:

This eatery is located south of the Ohio River in Bellevue, Kentucky.  The restaurant has over 30 items under ten dollars, which is perfect for a high school student’s budget.  Senior Chris Schroer has taken his girlfriend there on a date before.  He said, “It’s pretty inexpensive, and it has a good atmosphere.” This restaurant has a scenic view of the river, and an amazing view of the city’s skyline.  After dinner, make a stop by Schneider’s Sweet Shop right down the road from Buckhead.  There are many dessert options for you and your significant other there.

4. Starlite Drive-In Movie Theater:

Drive-in movie theaters are not what they used to be, and it is hard to find one in Cincinnati.  The Starlite Drive-In is stationed in Amelia, Ohio, and it has been serving the public since 1947.  It is a 50 minute drive to the theater, but the deal that you will receive there is worth the time of the drive.  If you drive your car into the lot, you will see two box office movies for the price of one.  The price for a ticket is just over eight dollars, and they have a variety of food options at great prices.

5.  Reds Game:

A Reds game is another good place to take a date.  The start of the night can begin with a meal in the Banks Project.  There are numerous restaurants in this area that can satisfy any taste or budget.  The Reds offer many great ticket options that can help save a little bit of money, like the bleachers in left field.  The food in the stadium is expensive, but it all represents the different tastes of Cincinnati.  Concessions include United Dairy Farmers, Frisch’s, Skyline, and Larosa’s.  This is a win-win option.  If the date does not turn out the way that you want it to, at least you get to watch the Redlegs.

6.  Senate:

Over-the-Rhine has been renovated over the past few years, and a great place to eat at is Senate.  This restaurant is on Vine Street, and many people do not know about this place.  They serve hotdogs, burgers and sandwiches, but they are not your average American restaurant.  Their menu items have some of the best names in the city.  There is a hot dog called The Trailer Park, and this dog is wrapped in bacon and is topped with cheese, coleslaw and crushed grippos. The food is a little bit more expensive than most restaurants, but you cannot find food like this anywhere else in Cincinnati.

7.  The Rookwood:

Mount Adams is known for its bars, restaurants, and its scenic view of the Kentucky Hills.  The Rookwood is a restaurant that was established in 2008.  The name came from its original occupant, Rookwood Pottery Company.  They serve a taste that is different from many other places.  They serve sandwiches, burgers, and an assortment of appetizers.  They also serve eggplant, fish, and duck for the more venturous eaters.  This restaurant is a favorite of Elder’s very own Mr. Dickman.  He said there is great food, and it is not too expensive.  While you are there, make sure you drop the phrase “Biblical Exegesis” on your date.  This is a sure way to make the date go well.

8.  Cabana Bar and Fernbank Park:

The Cabana Bar and Fernbank Park are located off of U.S. 50.  The Cabana has a beach feel to it because it sits along the river, and there are colorful coconut trees that welcome you as soon as you walk through the gate.  Senior Josh Enginger likes to take his girlfriend down there for a nice dinner every once in a while.  He said, “It’s romantic, and has a neat setting.”  After dinner, the park is a perfect place to walk off your delicious meal or watch the sunset by the river.

9.  Skyline Chili:

A classic place to take your girl, ever since it was established back in 1949, is Skyline Chili.  Skyline is the answer for post-game munchies and numerous weekend meals.  This is a very simple place to go on a first date.  Jimmy Dirr’s relationship started to blossom at this famous eatery.  He said that his relationship started there, and it’s now their tradition to go to Skyline.  Jimmy made a good case for Skyline by saying, “There’s nothing like hanging with your lady while eating cheese coneys.”

10.  Olive Garden:

This Italian restaurant is located on Colerain Avenue right off I-275.  Olive Garden is a bit of a drive from the Hill the Price family once owned, but it is well worth your time.  Their menu ranges from pastas to flatbreads, and who could pass up on the Endless Pasta Bowl?  Junior Eric Huff is a fan of this Italian Bistro.  He likes it because of the different food choices, and the drive to the restaurant can be a lot of fun.  Afterwards calls for dessert, right? On the way back to this side of town stop by Orange Leaf. Even if you do not have a sweet tooth, this is a great place to go if you are trying to impress a girl because girls love their frozen yogurt.