Recapping the college football season


The 2016-2017 college football season was filled with ups and downs for all teams and fans. We saw powerhouses continue their reign, and some teams have their best seasons in program history.

This year was filled with surprises. “I was surprised how weak the SEC was,” said senior Zach Fries.

We all know Alabama was amazing, but who else in the South Eastern Conference really had a great season? Ole Miss was bad, and no one even challenged the tide. The league went a measly 6-6 in bowl play, and they only had two teams ranked in the final top 15. This was definitely an off year for the SEC.

There were also individual players and teams that surprised many. “Washington surprised me this year,” said junior Bailey Dennis.

This was the first time Washington had made the college football playoffs, and they were not considered very highly by many college football fans. The Huskies were definitely underdogs to begin the season.

Individual players surprised many fans too. “Lamar Jackson was the biggest surprise. I thought he would be a good player this year, but I was not expecting 51 (total) touchdowns and the Heisman trophy,” said Fries.

Some fans did not find this college football season very interesting. “It was kind of boring because Alabama completely dominated everyone in the SEC,” said Dennis.

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Fries said this year taught him a lot. “We realized (the) Big Ten is a very good conference. Urban Meyer is the best coach. Wisconsin continues to have a solid program, and teams like Northwestern and Minnesota aren’t cupcakes,” said Fries.

The Big Ten had another Bit Ten kind of year. Its main downside was its bowl record: 3-7. The Big Ten had four teams ranked in the top 15.

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The college football season ends on Monday in the playoff championship game. With the Crimson Tide taking on Clemson, it is sure to be an entertaining game. The Tide are the heavy favorite this game with ESPN giving them 6.5 points. Dennis and Fries are both picking the Tide to keep on rolling because of the Tide’s defensive talent. Fries told me, “Keep your eye on Alabama defensive linemen Jonathan Allen and Tim Williams. Those guys will make a lot of money next year playing on Sundays.”

This college football season was filled with ups and downs. It also consisted of many surprises. The under-dog Huskies made it to the playoffs, and a single player in the form of Lamar Jackson accounted for 51 total touchdowns! Now, it all ends on Monday night. Whose season is going to end in Triumph, and whose will end in defeat?