Elder Bowling rolls thunder

The bowling team has sights on being the best in state


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Conner Brocker with his 12 strikes superimposed from the automatic overhead scoring panel

Elder bowling has been flying under the radar this year and many people don’t realize what they have actually accomplished.  The team this have done some pretty remarkable things in just the start of the season.

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They have won two tournaments this year and have been in contention in other tournaments, won all of their matches except one to Fairfield, and they have won one of the two GCL Quads so far.

The Panthers have rolled out to a fast start in the beginning of the season and have even earned the title as one of the top teams in state.

So what’s different about this team then the past teams of Elder?

“The special thing about this team is our chemistry.  We’ve all have been playing for so long that we all know what we need to do to win tournaments and matches,” said team member Conner Brocker.

It has shown that the chemistry of the team is a big part in their early success.  Chemistry is what sets any team apart from being good and being great.

The bowling squad consists of four seniors and two juniors.

“Everyone on our team is a great bowler,” said junior Alex Clark, “we don’t have one above the rest, we are all pretty good and it shows.”

Major upcoming events for the team include two more GCL Quads, match play against LaSalle and Xavier, and a huge match against Oak Hills to end the regular season.

Oak Hills is also regarded as on of the best teams in state.  Both the Oak Hills team and Elder share home turf at Western Bowl off Glenway.

No one really knows how much success the bowling team has earned since they started in 2009.

Each year they have had double digit wins since 2009 and winning GCL only twice, but they should add another title this year to the resume.

They have had some very good teams in the past and many great bowlers that have come through including Ben Brauch, Aaron Vest, David Eubanks, and the Robb brothers.

But this year there seems to be something different about this team.  They are all confident on their ability to win GCL and even state.

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“This is the best bowling team ever,” said Conner Brocker, “We are determined to win state and nothing else.”

Those are big words from the very talented senior who has just accomplished what every bowler strives for, a 300 game.

This career highlight took place in the GCL Quad at Brentwood Bowl.

“I was extremely nervous and shaking before the last throw, I took many deep breaths,” said Brocker.  “After I got the strike all I could do was scream because of what an accomplishment it was.”

This accomplishment just adds on to the many records and achievement this team has earned this year.  I’m very excited to see what the future holds for the Elder bowling team.