Nothing better than Super Bowl week, right?


Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

HOUSTON, TX – JANUARY 29: Super Bowl LI Logo outside the NFL Experience at the George R. Brown Convention Center on January 29, 2017, in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

It’s a week every sports guru around the world waits for at the end of the season of football. But what’s just as fun and exciting as the game? That’s right, the commercials.

Every year the million upon millions of dollars are spent for just 30 seconds of fame for your product to be shown during the Super Bowl. It honestly blows my mind. I understand the aspect of the NFL and the opportunity these companies have showing their products, but when I remember Super Bowls, I remember them based on the funny and/or obnoxious commercials.

I’m expecting a lot out of the previous year’s big hitters. They’ve impressed me and also disappointed me. Doritos, Mountain Dew, and Honda. Nobody can touch these guys and they always hit the nail on the head. They relate to the viewers personally and I’m expecting them to be even better this year; which will be hard to do.

First order of business here, which one was the funniest? Nothing tops Mountain Dew’s, PuppyMonkeyBaby. As a retired pop drinker, I find it awesome that Mountain Dew made a commercial so ridiculous that it was an instantaneous favorite. Nearly 5 million dollars for a pug head on a baby’s legs with monkey’s arms? At first I thought, whoever designed this commercial is high on something, and now I see why they did it. I’m talking about it aren’t I? That’s the entire point! I remember it a year later and probably will always remember this dope puppymonkeybaby.

Doritos is a top favorite, not for the unique aspects of their commercials, but because of the relations of viewers and what they display. In their commercial from two years ago, Doritos gave a prime example of what NOT to do when going to this young kid’s house. My boy Jaylyn does NOT like anybody touching his Doritos. You can ask anybody and they’ll know exactly what kid, and commercial you’re talking about when you hear the words, “Keep yo hands off my mama, keep yo hands off my Doritos.” Legendary, never one better.

Personally, I’m excited to watch the Falcons smash the Patriots unwillingly, but I’m more amped for the first quarter commercials. (known to be the best). Once halftime rolls around, the prices get a bit steeper knowing that most are watching at that time so I’m also looking forward to that. If you enjoy watching commercials, Sunday is your day so tune into FOX Sports.

The average person just simply doesn’t like commercials. Most aren’t good, but these aren’t just any commercials. You know, say you’re in a good episode of Jersey Shore and its commercial break. Like you’re mad. We want to watch some action not a Febreze commercial or whatever, we don’t care.

114 million people watch this broadcast on a yearly basis. If I was a company I’d be showing my commercials here too, and in my opinion nobody does great commercials like Doritos, consistently. It’s more of an entertainment attraction when these are broadcast, and a lot has happened in 2017 so far, and I’m expecting this show to add to the record books thus far.