Turning problems into money

American entrepreneurs use “helpful ideas” to strike it rich.


Now and then it seems that everyone has something to complain about.

It seems the more advanced things get the more we have to complain about. No one ever talks about the great things their stuff can do, they only talk about how they wish it could be better.

The more advanced our technology becomes the more ways people think they help by giving their opinion of something. Here’s the truth. Most likely your “helpful idea” is nothing more than an unsatisfied complaint that major companies will toss into a bin that’s full of other people’s “helpful ideas”.

But every once in a while when enough people complain about something a genius solution is thought up and some nobody from nowhere America becomes a rich entrepreneur from a simple idea he had while listening to his in-laws complain about things over Thanksgiving dinner.

Scott Boilen is a prime example of this. You may recognize his name as he is the creator of the very famous snuggie. Unfortunately Boilen’s body was found in his home in San Francisco after he was allegedly suffocated by the very product he created.

The snuggie, for those of you who are blissfully unaware, is essentially  just a bathrobe that has been turned inside out. Advertised as a blanket with sleeves, the snuggie allows you to have all the comfort of being under the warmth of a blanket as well as having full mobility of your hands.

Other famous creations include Shamwow, created by “the Germans”. The Shamwow lasts for years and has the ability to hold 20 times its weight in liquid. The Schticky is  a reusable lint roller that can be washed (both the Schticky and Shamwow are advertised by Vince offer). And the Tummy Tuck, a belt designed to slim away belly fat by simply putting it onto your body.

The point of this article is if you have a problem or get generally annoyed with things, maybe you’re just plain lazy. Come up with a solution to take care of your problem in an easier and more time efficient manner, and you just may be able to make some money in the process.