The Ride

The Ride

During an everyday science class with Mr. Espelage, William “Will” Steege shared with the class that he had never learned how to ride a bike as a child. Mr. Espelage just knew he could not let this young man continue to go on without learning how to ride a bike. Mr. Espelage said, “The fact that I had a nearly grown man unable to ride a bike, I had to do something about that.”

Mr. Espelage brought in his son’s bicycle in one day, so that Steege could learn how to ride on it. Steege and his classmates went down to The Pit to begin to ride. “It was mesmerizing. It’s a big chapter in someone’s life that he unfortunately missed out on… Every day I think about it… It is a miracle. Nobody had any hope for him. I don’t even think he had any hope for himself,” said junior Jacob Macaluso.

Mr. Bell also joined the class down on The Pit. “It was quite entertaining. I was very happy that he was able to learn how to ride a bike, and at the same time it reminded me of me getting on a bike for the first time when I was a small kid, and the irony was he’s not a small kid,” said Mr. Bell.

I was also lucky enough to get to catch some of the enthralling action during my lunch period. I watched for as long as I could, and since Mr. Bell was my next period teacher, so I knew as long as he was down there, I was good. I would have to call what I witnessed a modern miracle. It both put me in a state of wonder and awe while inspiring me to go out and attempt to do things I previously thought were impossible. Besides just this miracle, though, I would have to agree with Mr. Bell that, “Most of the things Will Steege does would be considered miraculous.”

It effected everyone that watched it on a very deep and spiritual level. I just wish more people were able to experience The Ride. “I was absolutely inspired. It made me go home, pick out my huffy, and ride it again… Watching the miracle happen right in front of my eyes,” said Jacob Macaluso.

It also had effects on Mr. Bell and Mr. Espelage. Mr. Bell said, “It made me realize that all things are possible if you just put some effort and get support.”

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It felt like I was an eagle soaring through the sky after having its broken wing repaired”

— Will Steege

Mr. Espelage got most his enjoyment from making Steege’s wish come true. “We’re just happy as a class to make Steege’s dream come true,” said Mr. Espelage.

The man himself, William Steege, told me how the experience felt. He said, “It was a beautiful experience for me… I think it was like a miracle… It felt like I was an eagle soaring through the sky after having its broken wing repaired… I’m more free now… Being able to get on that bike and move for the first time. Oh yah!”

He also told me how he was going to use his new ability to assist him in his future. “I think I’m going to go for BMX later in my life,” said Steege.

Best of luck, Mr. Steege. Everyone is rooting you on in your future bike riding adventures. Just don’t forget about us when you become a big BMX celebrity.