Netflix’s new movies and shows for March

Netflix adding some classic movies to their lineup in March


Netflix has been in need of some new movies and TV shows, and they have delivered in the month of March. The operators of Netflix have added some classics to their lineup including The Water Boy, Jurassic Park I, Jurassic Park III, Jurassic Park: The Lost World (most recent), Kung Fu Panda, Safe Haven, and TV show; Trailer Park Boys (season 11). I think Netflix has stepped up their game, but they do need more additions like this months.

Just to break down these movies and TV show, I will give my opinion on each, and some opinions of other Elder students. Rankings are 1-10.

The Water Boy:

The Water Boy is easily one of the greatest movies of all time. Adam Sandler knocked his role out of the park. Anytime I’m in a bind looking for a classic movie to eat up some time, The Water Boy is a good go to. Nonetheless, The Water Boy has a phenomenal soundtrack. Very good movie, never gets old. Rated 10/10.

Jurassic Park I:

I personally have watched this movie all the way through one time, and regret wasting that insane amount of time. Anyone will agree aside from having dinosaurs chasing and terrorizing people, this movie is hot garbage. Many parents call Jurassic Park a classic series, but they could not be any more incorrect. I could not name a single character from this movie that was cool besides the t-rex. People also tend to forget how much of an impact the raptors had on the people, they changed the game with their speed and agility. Also, the length of this movie is absurd, should have trimmed down at least an hour. Rated 6/10 just because dinosaurs are dope.

Jurassic Park III:

What’s with Netflix and Jurassic Park all of a sudden? In my opinion, the creators of Jurassic Park struck out until their final attempt which came out last year. Which probably was not even made by the same people (yeet). Similar to the first one, I do not think I’ve ever seen this movie all the way through, way too long. If you do not feel like investing a whole day of your time, then do not even consider starting a Jurassic Park. The dinosaurs were dope as usual, but the acting was horrendous, I’ve seen Elder’s Performing Arts squad do a better job than these ‘professionals.’ Rated 4/10. Would be a 1/10 but the dinosaurs saved them yet again.

Jurassic Park: The Lost World:

My personal favorite out of the Jurassic Park series. The female actors were not bad on the eyes, the Dinosaurs were bigger, better, and more aggressive than ever. This movie actually had a plot, and whoever made this one did a bang up job. I put this one up there with The Water Boy. Not overdone. However, I wish they would have made this before the first three. In my opinion, the really only good attempt. Rated: 8/10. I would recommend to a friend.

Kung Fu Panda: 

Another instant classic. Poe the panda voiced by Jack Black is one of the most iconic characters of this decade. I put this movie up there with the Rocky series. Big fan, if you are ever hungry for a laugh, check this movie out you will definitely not be disappointed. The gang of Kung Fu masters fighting evil is probably the most motivating scene you will ever watch. This movie is easily up there with Night at the Museum, and the Spongebob movie. Great movie. Rated 10/10.

Safe Haven: 

This movie is for my feminine audience. I personally have ever seen this movie, but I have heard nothing but great things about it. I have often seen it compared to The Notebook, 50 Shades of Grey, and The Fault in our Stars. The local West side girls I am assuming probably drool over this film. The lead male character is an absolute heart throb, and the lead female character is rather attractive. I’ve never seen the film, but IMDB has given it some average ratings so I’ll rate it a 6/10.

Trailer Park Boys (season 11): 

Never seen this TV show, but the title reminds me of current junior at Elder, John “Jack” O’Brien. The man loves to hunt, loves to fish, and I am assuming the characters of this show do the same. Junior Cole Klosterman told me, “The guys are criminals, who do illicit activities and mess with some weird lady all the time.” My assumption could not have been farther off. Oh well, never seen the show do not plan on starting. However a good crowd of Elder Panthers watch the show so maybe you should look into starting this. rated 8/10.