After school fun

After school fun

Every Monday through Friday, Elder students rise up around seven o’clock and make their way to school where from 7:50 to 2:30, they improve their academic achievements.

These Panthers are at school for just around seven hours. How they spend their time here is very obvious; they are learning, and bettering themselves for the real world.

With twenty four hours in the day when you factor in around eight hours of sleeping and school, Panthers have around nine hours outside of school.

This week I took time to look at how I spend my time after school as well as how a few others spend their time after school.

The purpose of this article is not to show how other people are way cooler than you because you just go home and sit around until school the next day. The purpose of this article is to maybe help you find something to do after school, and to show there are people doing these activities and maybe you could search out some of those people.

Let’s jump right into the article, shall we.

I think one of the most popular ways to spend time after school is sleeping. What can I say? Kids like to sleep. Sleep is something most kids don’t get enough of. Getting enough sleep can be tough. I understand the struggle. You come home from a rough day so you take a nap, then you wake up. And later that night you can’t sleep so the next day after school you come home and take a nap, and the cycle just continues.

It’s truly something tragic to watch, and we all know who they are. They have bags under their eyes they take 10 minute naps any time they can, and they are constantly drinking coffee.

Kids who don’t sleep often have the most fun on the weekends because of the fact that they never fall asleep and don’t have to be up the next morning to go to school.

Sports are another form of activity after school. Whether you play sports for Elder or just for fun you are in fact taking part in an after school activity.

As a member of the Elder hockey team and the Semper Fi Marlins ( A recreation baseball team. We are pretty good. We can probably beat any team out there. We also take a lot of pride on our team) I can attest to how much time before and after school sports take.

Cheviot field house

Sports are a commitment whether they are played as pick up games or for school.  The only way to be invited out to these pick up games is to try really hard and be way better than everyone else.

Some of the pick up sports played after school include:

Soccer. It is played at various parks around the area. It’s been hard to track down which field the soccer kids play at because of the fact that they are always moving. The soccer kids asked me to keep who they are and where they are at anonymous, but if you know one of the soccer kids text them and ask them.

Frisbee. Disc is thrown at almost every park around here with one of the standouts being Kuliga Park. Kuliga is home of the Elder disc club which is always looking for more members. ( mainly people who are good at Frisbee. but they accept anyone) I personally have much respect for Elder disc and what they have started.

Basketball. Basketball is played at Dulles. Dulles has a full size basket ball court outside in the back of the school. Dulles is a prime location for street ball due to its flat court and the fact that they have two hoops. Jayden Schwallie, a man who frequents the courts was quoted saying,”I love Dulles. The courts their are smooth and flat.”

Baseball. Baseball can be played anywhere a diamond is available. Most likely you’ll need to bring people because most people already have their baseball teams made. So you could just make your own team.

Another way of spending your time after school is hanging out with friends. Hanging out with friends can come in many ways.

Hanging out with friends can be just sitting around someone’;s basement like an episode of That 70’s show or going out to eat. This is also something that is done on That 70’s show.

Crematorium on Buffalo Ridge that exploded

One of my favorite ways spending time after school is driving around and going places. Just yesterday we took a drive on Buffalo Ridge. For anyone that isn’t aware Buffalo Ridge is allegedly haunted. While on Buffalo Ridge we saw some very spooky stuff. I quoted Mike Onorato saying, “AHHHHHHHHHHHH.” Following this we drove away and went to see a factory.

School may take up a lot of time, but its no excuse to not get out there and have some fun. Some people like to complain that we don’t have enough time in the day I feel no sympathy for you because obviously there are things you can do.