Top 10 Country artists of 2013

Top Left: Luke Bryan Top Right: Eric Church Bottom Left: Brantley Gilbert Bottom Right: Justin Moore
Top Left: Luke Bryan
Top Right: Eric Church
Bottom Left: Brantley Gilbert
Bottom Right: Justin Moore

Country music was definitely a hit this year. There were a lot of new artists who sprung up as well as former country stars producing songs that drive me redneck crazy. As a diehard country fan, there were some that stood out more than others. Here are the top 10 country artists of 2013.

1. Luke Bryan

The 2013 ACM winner definitely killed the country music industry. His redneck side can be translated into his songs “Muckalee Creek Water”, “Drinkin Beer and Wastin Bullets” and “What Country Is”.  The talented country star has made the billboard charts many times especially with his song “That’s My Kind of Night” which made it to number one.

2.  Jason Aldean

This Redneck Romeo is laid back and chillin like George Jones in the country music business. His song “Night Train” has made No. 3 on the country Billboard list. Senior Jake Lammers, who is a huge Aldean and country music fanatic said, “I like how his songs are upbeat.” No doubt Jason is a gifted country star.

 3. Brantley Gilbert

This Hillbilly rock star also has a different style from any other musician. This wild country artist started out as a rock star but decided to switch when that wasn’t working out. He has a mixture of both rock and country. His songs “Kick it in the Sticks” and “Take it Outside” exemplify his rock and roll side. Senior Zack Deters is a big fan of him and his music. Deters said, “I think he has cool tattoos.” Brantley is such an amazing artist and I cannot wait till he makes more music.

4. Eric Church

The newly famous star has a different style all his own. Church plays all types of music from party songs to serious, deeper songs. His song “Homeboy” talks about his brother getting into all kinds of trouble and his song “Springsteen” is about his old girlfriend. I am personally a big fan of Church and cannot wait till he comes out with more songs.

 5. Florida Georgia Line

This newly founded country band features two guys; one from Florida and the other from Georgia, respectively. This band was for sure born with a hillbilly bone with their songs talking about going out on the weekends and having fun. Their songs “Cruise” and “Round Here” are both in Billboard’s top ten. In a few years this group should be pretty successful.

 6. Justin Moore

The all-around bad boy hick can really kick your #$% with is down home country songs. He can have a rough side at one time and then a sweet side at another. His song “Bait a Hook” is about him making fun of his ex-girlfriend’s new guy. Senior Jake Luebbe, when asked why he likes Justin Moore said he “likes his twang”. He definitely is up there with the top country artists.

7. Randy Houser

This recent country artist has worked his way to the top. From starting off playing in little bars to playing on the big stage, he has rocked the crowed with many of his songs. His songs “How Country Feels” and “Running Out of Moonlight” are an instant hit on many of today’s radios. I am excited to hear what he has to bring to the table in the near future.

8. Blake Shelton

One of the judges on the hit tv show The Voice, this country star knows music. The three time judge winner on his tv show, he knows how to please his fans. His new hit single that came out “Boys Round Here” is about how he likes to have a redneck goodtime. He has made the charts many times.

9. Billy Currington

The veteran country singer has been destroying the country music industry for a long time. You can hear his new song “Hey Girl” played all over the radio. He is a down home country boy who is up there at the top.

10. Kenny Chesney

This hillbilly legend has been around for a long time. This summer he decided to change his style and do more “beach country” with his album Welcome to the Fishbowl. His songs “Pirate Flag” and “When I See This Bar” gives you a sense of chilling on the beach and enjoying the sun. Even though I don’t really consider beach country, real country, I still liked his new album.

These ten guys have been perfecting the country music industry since the beginning of 2013. From the newly started artists to the legends, there is no doubt we have seen some serious talent this year. I am excited what 2014 has to offer for this specific genre of music.