X Week

Elder quarterback Peyton Ramsey (right) and St. Xaviers quarterback Nick Tensing (left)

Elder quarterback Peyton Ramsey (right) and St. Xaviers quarterback Nick Tensing (left)

The GCL is one of the toughest conferences in the US. It’s filled with an amazing amount of athleticism ranging from sports such as football all the way to golf. The GCL has won state titles in every sport. One section of the GCL in particular is considered the toughest, and that is the GCL South. The South is filled with some of the greatest rivalries in all high school football; one of those rivalries being Elder versus St. Xavier.

The week known as X week to the entire student body is that of a holiday. Throughout the week you can hear students constantly shouting “X Week!” through the halls.

Going into the first GCL game of the season and starting off with a solid record of 4-1, Elder looks to defeat St. X for the first time since 2008. It obviously has been a rough couple of years against X and nothing would be better than to beat them this year.

Senior running back, Chris Schroer commented on our loss last year saying, “They [St. X] came to the PIT and beat us last year so we need to get off to a good start in the GCL by beating them at their field.” Schroer also added, “Our chances are good, but obviously this will be a tough game.”

Each year the game against St. X is always a close one, ending within a few points. There’s no doubt on whether this will be a competitive game. Both teams have huge cheering sections going back and forth throughout the entire game.

The attendance this year at the Elder games and in the cheering sections has been good, and for a soon-to-be sold out game the section should be packed, even though the game is at St. X.  Famous cheers you will hear coming from the Elder cheering section are going to be: (1) “X-A-V-I-E-R you’re not as good as you think you are” (2) “We want GCL, second place go to hell” (3) “Hey hey, ho ho, these St. X bombers got to go”, “Bop the Bombers, and of course (4) “Kick the girls out.”

As we all know, a place like St. Xavier’s field cannot hold the Panthers. Therefore there will most likely be bleachers broken. The Panthers just get too rowdy for anywhere other than the PIT.

I’m sure we all remember X’s famous video last year of their new cheers. It was all too awkward to watch. It confirmed the stereotypes of St. X. Hopefully they will bring out those “famous cheers” this year. It would make the game even more entertaining.

With an elite backfield in our offense and a strong defense, this could be Elder’s chance to get a big win. St Xavier is having one of the worst years they have had in a while. Elder should, without a doubt beat ST. X and later win the GCL.