Is Elder’s Spring Break too short?

Students and faculty speak out against the short Spring Break Elder High school is given

Spring Break; Sunny Skys
(Photo taken from

Spring Break; Sunny Sky’s (Photo taken from

Spring break is a time for kids and families to enjoy the holiday and to celebrate new life. Most students look forward to the break from school to relax and spend time with family and friends. Due to Elder’s short break schedule most families are not able to celebrate the holiday with relatives that live out of town.

I decided to go around Elder to see what the student and faculty body had to say about the upcoming spring break.

I had the opportunity to speak with Connor Johnson, a junior here at Elder, on what his opinions are of our spring break.

“I believe our spring break is too short, every other high school that I know of goes on break for a whole week,” stated Johnson.

Johnson went onto say that if he could change the days that we got off he would have us get off on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and the following week after Easter Sunday.

“My family and I do not do anything special for spring break because my relatives usually have different days off than us,” declared Johnson

Johnson went on to tell me that his family goes to his Aunt and Uncle’s house in Kentucky to celebrate on Easter Sunday. He also said that his favorite part of spring break is being able to sleep in and not having to get up early for school.

I was able to talk with Mr. Suer, a Chemistry and Physics teacher here at Elder.

“I believe our Spring break is too short. I would change the length to a full week to accommodate for out of state travel for the holiday,” stated Suer.

Suer went on to tell me that on Easter he goes to his parents’ house after Mass on Sunday to celebrate with his immediate family. He also said that they do an Easter egg hunt for the kids.

Mr. Suer a Physics and Chemistry teacher at Elder.

“My favorite part about Spring Break is being able to eat all of the left over candy from Easter, Reese’s peanut butter eggs are easily my favorite,” declared Suer.

I also had a chance to talk with Sam Coy, a junior here at Elder.

“Our spring break is definitely too short, Elder needs to add at least a day or two to the break,” stated Coy.

Coy told me that he only likes one thing about our spring break, and that is how the break splits into two weeks, and makes both weeks shorter than usual.

“On Easter my family goes to Saint Rose and then we go to the Cincinnati Country Club for brunch. We have been doing this for a couple of years now and it is a lot of fun,” explained Coy.

In my opinion I agree with the students and faculty body of Elder, our spring break is way too short. I believe we should get a least a week off. If I could extend Elder’s spring break I would want to be off on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday to make it a whole week.

Due to Elder’s spring break being less than a week it makes it hard for family’s to plan with other family member’s that live out of town and are only able to travel on certain dates.