Determining the best Elder lunch


As many Elder students have come to experience, Elder lunches are like no other. Some Elder lunches may be more famous than others, such as the special Skyline lunch as well as the $1 day lunch. As I thought about the Elder lunches, I wanted to find out what truly stood out as the top lunches at Elder on a daily basis.
I couldn’t attest to the search since I pack everyday and occasionally walk up to get a chicken patty. So, in order to find the true best of the best, I asked three seniors who buy lunch nearly every day. Those three seniors are Michael Groh, Ian Hoeting, and Luke Ruehl.
First, Senior Michael Groh excitedly commented on his favorite lunch. He responded, “Of course, the Cory Burger!” With Michael’s physique, you know for sure that he’s been having plenty of those Cory Burgers. Furthermore, you can’t forget that Michael gets two servings of the Cory Burger, along with his healthy dosage of TruMoo Chocolate Milk. When Michael’s heart fails from his consistent eating of Cory Burgers, make sure you give this article credit for the early warning.
Next, I asked Ian Hoeting about his favorite lunch. Ian is known for eating lunch every day, but as you can tell, the calories don’t stick with him. His metabolism is so high that many of the lunch foods he eats doesn’t cause him to gain weight by any means. For example, in the beginning of the school year, an Elder senior was caught yelling at Ian that he “hates his metabolism” due to the fact that Hoeting eats a great deal of food yet never has it affect him.

As I asked Ian what his favorite meal at lunch is at Elder, he responded, “I’d have to go with the spicy hot chicken sandwich. In fact, I really want to eat that today.” Someone, for the love of God, get this man a spicy hot chicken sandwich!
Lastly, I asked the man who claimed he hates Ian’s metabolism, and that man is Luke “Donnie” Ruehl. Luke doesn’t buy lunch everyday, and occasionally, he doesn’t eat lunch at all. “Chum” was very indecisive when he pondered on what his favorite lunch at Elder is. Shockingly, Chum went against the norm and selected the unpopular fish sandwich as his choice of food at Elder.

He went against many opinions of students at Elder as the fish sandwich is almost unanimously agreed upon as the worst single food at Elder High School. The fish sandwich is a waste of the price it is deemed. Perhaps, Luke is still stuck in the mode of making decisions that aren’t worth the time and money, such as going to St. Xavier High School for two years.
All jokes aside, the quest to find the best lunch at Elder is still up in the air. Not receiving much of a decisive favorable lunch, I decided to turn to the polls to hear the voice of the Elder students. So, with your help, we may find the true best lunch at Elder High School.

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