College plans


For many seniors there is one major life decision on their minds. That is college, where to attend and where can they be accepted. For most seniors their college choice has been narrowed down to a few selected schools.

A helpful tool to all seniors who need help choosing a college is the Guidance Departments website. It is full of information of past Elder classes and where they attended college. Last year, for the 2013 senior clas,s the top five colleges were: U.C, Cincinnati State, NKU, Ohio University, and Mount Saint Joseph. UC was the largest with sixty nine students deciding to take the Bearcat route, followed by Cincinnati State with twenty three, NKU with eighteen, Ohio University with twelve, and Mount Saint Joseph with thirteen.

I spoke with Alex Kloepfer, a 2013 graduate and a freshman at Ohio University about his college experience so far.

“I love OU, the campus is nice and the teachers here are so nice and helpful,” said Kloepfer. “They really do care about you here in Athens.” Alex also said it was an easy choice for him to go to OU since he wanted to go away for college but not too far so he could still visit the Pit for a game or two.

Depending on your situation whether it is grades, money, or location if you plan on attending college there is a way to help find your perfect school. The guidance team is always available and very willing to help you on you path to college. Websites are a huge help and if you can talk to some students at the college it may help you decide to attend.

Also remember to choose a school that fits you interests, not just what the campus is like or the sports teams. Good luck to all the seniors making these big choices and remember Altiora.