Cookie Clicker

One of my very own sessions during cookie clicker

One of my very own sessions during cookie clicker

A new game has arisen in the Elder community.  Yes, the ever famous game Cookie Clicker has been added to the list of Elder’s most popular games.

From freshman playing Run every minute of every day, to sophomore year’s close contender Return Man, then on to junior year’s Running Fred, which has still carried onto senior year, there has been a plethora of games that have gone through Elder’s computers.

Cookie Clicker is nothing more than a game in which you simply, click a cookie. The purpose of clicking the cookie is to produce as many cookies as possible. Some kids getting as many as 400 billion cookies. The more cookies you produce from each click, the more upgrades you obtain.

An example would be the Grandmas; the purpose of the Grandmas is to have them increase your cookie production. There are many other upgrades that help with cookie production such as, the cookie mine, the time machine and the cookie portals.

I was first exposed to Cookie Clicker in Physics class when Junior Jason Martini was vigorously clicking his cursor. I honestly thought that he was clicking it so much because his page wasn’t loading fast enough, but to my surprise, he was playing a game, a game I slowly got addicted to.

Until recently, Cookie Clicker was a huge part of my day. Every day that I would open my computer, my cookies would be waiting for me ready to be clicked. Jason is quite the Cookie Clicker, even though most of the other Clickers throughout Elder would challenge that statement.

“I play Cookie Clicker pretty much every day; I almost have all the upgrades and I’ve gotten up to 600 billion cookies.”

There is no actual end to the game, the cookies just keep coming. The only way to actually end the game is to exit out of the website. Cookie Clicker is in fact an addicting game, and it takes up a lot of time out of the day. Just like every year, a new game with overshadow Cookie Clicker, or could this be the year that the Cookies continue to fall and the game prevails to 2014.

Continue to click Elder, keep on clicking.