District 3 clean up

District 3 clean up

When walking the streets of Price Hill on a normal day you would see litter everywhere. Most people think that the people of Price Hill do not care for the well-being and maintenance of the streets. But there are a few who still care, and want to see the neighborhood thrive like it did in its heyday.

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful is one of the organizations that still cares, and is a sponsor of the District three clean up.  Along with the support of volunteers and Elder students, KCB helps clean the streets by filling trucks full of litter.

“The Attendance was great and over 80 Elder students showed up to help, along with a nice representation from the neighborhood,” said Mr. Roger Auer. “A clean neighborhood is something that people will take pride in, and has an effect on the crime rate.”

“The main problem is the abandoned houses, no one is there to maintain them and they are a garbage magnets,” said Auer. “I think that the banks in charge of the foreclosed houses should be responsible to maintain them.”

Due to budget cuts this year there was only one giant dumpster for garbage instead of the usual three.  The same amount of garbage was collected, just piled up next to the dumpster.  Budget cuts didn’t stop or slow down the clean up because the people there were devoted to the cause and truly wanted to help.

“I enjoyed the clean up a lot, and the neighborhood had a positive reaction towards what we were doing, many of them coming up and thanking us, and others honking their horns while they drove by,” said Elder senior Collin Dugan.  “It isn’t easy picking up other people’s garbage, but when it’s all said and done it always feels good to give back and see a job well done.”

The Cleanup was a great success and there will be a few more clean ups this school year for others to get out there and do their part.