Longshot disappoints players


Putting new features in video games is always a risky experiment. EA Sports decided to take on the challenge, and introduced a brand new feature, but it is not what you think. The popular video game series features a new story-mode called Longshot on EA Sports’s recent release of Madden NFL 18.

Longshot is something that Madden players have never seen before. Madden has never contained a feature like this, which was a key component for the excitement. I was also excited for the release of this new feature of Madden, and I expected a lot out of it.

Longshot is based on the fictional story of a small-town Texas quarterback named Devin Wade. He and his longtime friend Colt Cruise play together in high school and college, ultimately leading to an invitation to the NFL Combine. At the combine, Devin is selected to be featured on a television show, called Longshot, where he is to compete against other players who are fighting for the same goal as Devin: the NFL. As Devin fights for his future, he faces many challenges along the way.

Devin Wade and Colt Cruise. (picture from http://uproxx.com/sports/madden-18-longshot-review-story-mode-devin-wade/ )

If you play well enough with Devin, then you may be drafted. If you do not, then you won’t be drafted. No matter what, though, you get a contract with an organization if you are drafted or undrafted.

This is where I was utterly disappointed.

After being given a contract with an NFL team, the feature ends. You never continue to play with Devin in Longshot story-mode. Madden cuts its players off right there, leaving them dry. You never get to continue playing with Devin in the NFL, and all of the hard work and dedication put in to Devin’s “career” is wasted.

I spoke to Isaiah Maas about Longshot. Maas sarcastically stated that he loved the new feature, but then fired back with a true, heart-felt comment.

“No I hate it. It’s a disappointment to the game and they over-hyped it too much.” Maas did not hide his true feelings.

Jonathan Paff said much of the same. He says that he does not plan on getting the game, because it is not like the old NCAA Football games,

“I heard the story mode is bad, it pisses me off,” Paff said. “It’s not like Road to Glory like NCAA.” I agree with Paff. NCAA was awesome, and Madden needs to reach its level.

Zach Dugan has a different opinion. Although, he has not heard much about the feature and the game itself. Dugan said that he will get the game, even if he hears more bad comments.

“I heard it’s cool,” Dugan said when discussing Longshot. Having not heard much about the new feature, Dugan is not affected by it.

Behind the scenes look at the making of the feature. Yes, that is Dan Marino. (photo from www.trueachievements.com/n28788/behind-the-scenes-look-of-longshot-mode-in-madden-18)

However, there is a way you can play with Devin Wade in the game. Madden gives Devin to you in another mode called Ultimate Team, where you can upgrade and play real games with him.

Overall, the game itself is very enjoyable, even though Longshot puts a damper on it. While Longshot provides a new way of playing the game, it does not live up to its initial hype. Madden has been raving about this new feature for some time, but it just doesn’t live up to the hype.