Favorite all-time costumes

Elder teachers and students favorite Halloween costumes ever worn

Mr. Quatman goes basic again with a fan favorite Thomas

Mr. Quatman goes basic again with a fan favorite Thomas

Another Halloween has come and gone. Some of you may have been very prepared with one of the best costumes, and some may have been the last second, throw a sheet on your head and be a ghost for the third straight year. No matter which one of those you were this year, everyone has dressed up for years on this loved holiday and everyone will always have that one all-time favorite costume they’ve put on to celebrate.

Elder junior Zeno Perry has worn a stellar looking banana costume for the past few years. “I love it, not only is it really comfortable. I can wear it anytime of the year because people will always love bananas.” Perry does believe the statement that he can wear it whenever, as he was enthusiastic to break it out on a random July night this summer. “It is for sure my all-time favorite costume because it’s stylish and it gets a good laugh from people.”

Joey Ward is also a junior here at Elder High. Ward came out Saturday night looking fantastic in his cow costume. “I don’t even own the thing, I wish I could say that I do own it. But it

It is for sure my all-time favorite costume because it’s stylish and it gets a good laugh from people.”

— Zeno Perry

is owned by Mike Onorato. I’m defiantly not giving it back until he takes it from me.” Joey by far had one of the most iconic costumes on Saturday night. “It was my favorite because all eyes were on me, who doesn’t love cows? They’re friendly and cute just like me. I looked good in it, and I made my twitter profile picture me as the cow and it will not change.”

Elder English teacher Mr. Justin Quatman claimed Halloween as one of his favorite holidays. “I like scary movies, haunted houses, and the eerie feeling that comes over you on that Halloween night. “All-time favorite? Why Thomas the Tank Engine of course. It is just your basic little kid costume, but I loved it. I can’t remember many costumes that I have worn over the years, but that one stood out for me.” It is a shame that he couldn’t remember all his costumes, but he did mention that he had a second favorite costume. “My freshman year of college I was a ref. I like it because it was really simple. I didn’t feel that creative about it, but it was really nice to not have to wear some big and uncomfortable costume all night.” Some basic costumes for a basic guy, I love it.

An Elder teacher favorite Mr. Greg Dickman, was quick to answer about his favorite all-time costume. “When I was younger, I was a California Raisin. They were these little raisin characters, but I just put on a trash bag on over me and put a bunch of newspaper in it. The raisins costume was my favorite because, it was just so bad. Nobody knew what I was, I just looked like I was from Delhi walking around in a trash bag on Halloween.”

We’ve all had the one costume where you had to explain what you were, but I think a “California Raisin” might take home the trophy on that one.

Halloween is a solid holiday, filled with scares and excitement around every corner. Even if you had a down year on your costume, you’ll bounce back. Halloween is fun, finding costumes and giving some scares. But Halloween is too close to Christmas for anyone to really care about it.