GCL up for grabs

GCL up for grabs

As the high school football season winds down, fans begin to direct their attention to the upcoming basketball season. The weather outside is getting colder and colder, and fans await the relaxation of watching a game in an atmosphere that is always 70 degrees. The squeaking of sneakers and bouncing of balls scream winter time just as loud as a jingle bell rock. Likewise, a competitive basketball game is nearly as enjoyable as Christmas day itself.

We can all look forward to a multitude of competitive games when the GCL South teams face off this winter. Elder looks to make a run at the GCL title as injury, coaching change, more success in other sports pose some questions for Moeller, LaSalle and St. X.

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Moeller is the obvious preseason favorite. After losing in the state championship game last season, Big Moe looks to make a statement this year. This team has the most talent by far. The team’s center, Jaxson Hayes, will play Division I at the University of Texas. Another player just recently committed to play college ball at Wright State. The obstacle in the road for Moeller came a few weeks back when star junior guard, Miles (Deuce) McBride, suffered a bad ankle break while playing quarterback for the Crusaders football team, and a timetable for his return is uncertain.

“Our team is still very talented and will be pretty good, but you just hate to see such an important player for our team get sidelined,” said a Moeller guard. Moeller should blowout most of the teams they play, but look forward to some quality basketball when it comes down to the nitty gritty in the GCL South.

Balancing out Moeller are the St. Xavier Bombers. The Bombers find themselves at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to preseason standings in the GCL South. St. X has not won a GCL game since

Source Victory Views

2013. Meanwhile, the football and baseball teams are competing each year for a conference title. The basketball programs lack of success is causing athletes to disregard it completely. Most of the basketball players are multisport athletes, and more and more of them are deciding to dedicate time and effort to other sports. I get it. Why waste time losing and risking injury that could cost you your season in another sport. Sooner or later this program has got to get sick of losing. Look for the Bombers play with a vengeance. They certainly don’t have the most  talent, but like any GCL team, they will give the opponent everything they’ve got to get a win.

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LaSalle is caught up in the middle. They have a younger team this year and a lot of raw talent, which could be a good thing for the new coach, Pat Goedde. “The transition to the new coach is good because he was the JV coach last year, and we will be really young this year, so he already coached most of us which makes it easy,” said a sophomore guard for the Lancers.

The previous coach, Dan Fleming, stepped down after last season. Leaving along with him was a gaggle of seniors. Geodde is quite familiar with the young athletes taking on the varsity roll this year. Some people believe a coaching change could cause some trouble, and they might be right, but if the new coaching style is anything similar to that of Fleming’s, then prepare for the Lancers to be a solid competitor right off the bat.

Elder, like LaSalle, is in the middle of the pack. Talent wise, the Panthers are nowhere near the best, but they pride themselves on their hard work and determination. Bittner said, “Any GCL game is going to be a classic. Whoever has more grit is going to win. That is what has made the Panthers so successful in recent years. They give the game everything they have got and they are going to bust your chops until the horn goes off at the end of the game. The squad is fully healthy this year and experienced as well. Elder will be able to match up well with LaSalle, take care of St. X, but the block in the road for Elder is Moeller. Moeller has some injuries and all, but their talent is unmatched. If Elder can steal a game against them, then they have a legitimate shot at the GCL title.