Fuell tank vs. the world

Jeff “Fuell Tank” Fuell is one of the most controversial members of the faculty here at Elder High School, let’s find out why.

Fuell tank vs. the world

Everyone knows Mr. Fuell in some way or another.  For seniors, we know him as the guy who got angry at Codling for sending a certain Chief Keef lyric in the senior email chain. For the underclassmen, he’s the guy who got the video announcements up and running, but who is Mr. Fuell really? I did the research, dug deep, and found out who this man really is.

Mr. Fuell is a man of simple tastes, he enjoys technology and initiating projects that require extensive dedication. Many people don’t realize what he really does around these halls, in a way he’s a lot like Mr. Bill.

Mr. Fuell is at the head of pretty much everything technological. There is no bug he can’t fix, and no virus he can’t eliminate, but his rivalry with pesky students might be what he’s best known for. “Mr. Fuell is great with technology but one thing he can’t get around is the Hoxx server that many students use throughout the school day,” Said senior Rob Adams.

For those of you who don’t know about the game changing software that is Hoxx, it is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which allows students to access sites that are blocked by Elder’s administrators (AKA Mr. Fuell and the third floor crew)

The rivalry between Hoxx and Mr. Fuell is no secret to the students who have visited the help desk. Senior Henry Burdsall experienced the wrath of Mr. Fuell first hand when Henry’s computer had to be taken to the tech hospital.

“Yeah, so I got a virus on my computer and like I took it to the help desk and Firefox was open. Mr. Fuell saw the Hoxx icon on the thing and gave me demerits. I was pretty (upset) but he still fixed my computer so I guess that’s pretty cool. But make no mistake there is beef between Mr. Fuell and me,” said Burdsall.

Students versus teachers is a tale as old as time but the rise of technology presents a new rivalry, students vs. tech guys. Anyone who has visited the help desk knows that going in there comes with its risks and its rewards.

“You go in there to get something fixed but also run the risk of them finding something on your PC that you don’t want them seeing. It’s in the eye of the beholder I guess,” said Rob Adams.

Nick Folzenlogen, senior staff writer for The Quill had a unique and slightly warm take on Mr. Fuell. “I think it’s weird that he monitors everything technological that goes on at Elder. People forget I made it IN and OUT of Fuell tank’s office alive that was a weird experience, let me tell ya.”

All that being said, Mr. Fuell is a lion and lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. Anyone who’s successful has a plethora of haters and doubters.

I say keep plugging Mr. Fuell, and maybe one day you’ll figure out how to conquer that pesky Hoxx server. Shoot for the moon and land among the stars.