Out with the old, in with the new

My friend, Joe Bonavita made a life-changing choice and it has made a big difference.


As many people know, there has been an old, yet knew man walking the halls of Elder. That man is no other than Joe Bonita. As many people know, a few months ago Joe underwent surgery and his new presence at Elder has changed dramatically.

The first noticeable change in Joe, is his change in style. I have the honor of having Joe in my first period Christian Lifestyles class. I look forward to seeing him every day, and his new outfits. I asked Joe what was the deal with the new and preppy outfits?

He said, “This surgery has changed me a lot. I like looking presentable. (I am a) Big tie guy.” Personally, I really do enjoy seeing Joe’s outfits every day. A lot of good matches. He also said, “I would describe the new Joe as more upbeat, more mnergetic.” I have also noticed this. Joe is a now an upbeat kind of guy.

On a more serious note, I asked Joe why he decided to change his look. His response was truly inspirational.

He said, “I didn’t choose to change my look. I was forced to. I was at a point in my life that if I didn’t change something my body would shut down and eventually I would die. So I changed.

New Joe displays a photo of old Joe.

On August 18th 2017, I underwent surgery to remove part of my stomach. The surgery took about three hours. I felt very safe and relaxed during surgery. In fact, my anesthesiologist and one of my surgeons went to Elder. So I knew that I was in good hands. The worst part of my surgery was probably the first 2-3 weeks after surgery. This was the worst time because I couldn’t eat anything.

“For the first three weeks all I had was water and powdered zero. Then when I was done with that I moved to soft-protein foods. I ate soft protein foods for about three more weeks. Then I could add in fruits and vegetables. I am still not allowed to have carbs. This surgery has not only given me the opportunity to become healthier but it has given me a whole new view of life,” said Bonavita.

When I heard this, I realized how serious his surgery was and that he really did get a second chance. It has inspired me, and I know a lot of other people, to do better. And to go through every day with a smile.

All in all, Joe has had a second chance in life, and he is living it to the fullest. Joe and I, are friends and I was not exactly sure of every little detail. However, now I realize how dangerous it actually was, and why he made the decision to get the surgery and create the “new” Joe.

I’m glad he did.