You Tube expanding its horizons

Online service to battle cable and satellite providers.


You tube TV looking forward to crush the competitors and become a dominant force in the future for TV.

You Tube is certainly a popular app when you want to go off the grid and watch something a little bit out of the ordinary. Since the year 2005, You Tube has provided fun entertainment for millions by allowing people to access the lives of normal people and even watch highlights of sports or even view movie clips.

In 2017 You Tube is becoming a world phenomenon by launching the idea of You Tube TV which allows people to watch TV shows or series, Sports games such as football and baseball games right on their site. The only way you can receive this service is if you have an android or Apple device. But it also works with Xbox One and Ps4 consoles.

You Tube is revolutionizing the way TV is evolving by going into the idea that they can be better than any other TV provider

Some believe that You Tube is giving the giant TV providers a run for their money by stating that they can invent a better way to watch TV without the hassle of paying too much for something that many people cannot have.

You Tube can be better than most TV providers, they allow you to watch TV for a very reasonable price of only $35 a month, to a normal person that would seem to be really fair if you think about it. The first time that people even heard about You Tube TV was when the World Series was on.

I remember witnessing an advert about the service and thinking to myself that seems like a fair deal even if you have to purchase equipment to have You Tube on TV.

The 2017 world series partnered with You Tube TV by putting a two minute advert during Game one of the world series.

You Tube TV really looks like it can be a success story in the making. Cable and satellite TV has been proven to cost over $100 and even sometimes over $150, where you tube TV only costs $35 a month.

Another reason why this can be better than cable or satellite is that you can watch all of your favorite shows without having to wait for them to come on actual TV, you can make a comparison with Netflix and Hulu on this part.

If I was a normal person looking for decent TV, I would consider You Tube TV to be a high candidate because it seems to be better than cable and satellite.

People seem to be moving in the direction of streaming TV instead of having cable or even satellite because it is even more convenient.