The man trolling The Quill site


The Purple Quill website is read by many. Parents, cousins, or friends might visit here and read an article published by someone they know. However, there is someone who is currently trolling the stories on The Purple Quill just leaving comments that contain negative and positive feedback. This mysterious person goes under the name “Quill Critic”.

Mr. Rogers formally known as “Duke” told to me that “I had to trash the comments The Quill Critic left on someone’s post because it sparked a comment battle and it was getting out of hand.”

Duke also was willing to share who he thinks it is and said, “I don’t really know for sure but the word going around is that it’s Lohmiller.  But I doubt this because he never got his assignments in on time so I don’t think he is leaving these comments.”

The Quill Critic seems to have favorites and enemies. Senior co-editor John Keehan seems to be this person’s greatest adversary.

Keehan told me he ” I believes  The Quill critic is someone who was on The Quill staff last year and graduated last year. I think this is one of those persons stuck in high school.”

I asked Keehan who he thought this individual was, “If I had to guess who the critic was it would have to be Conner Lohmiller, however, it would not surprise me the least bit if it was Sam Poli, Sam Otten, or Zach Lyons.”

Keehan tried to show his superior editing skills over The Quill Critic when he corrected his miss use of the word “then” with the proper word “than” in one comment. People are speculating that The Quill Critic is a past editor because in one of the comments he left on Keehan’s post. He said, “This is an embarrassment for past editors having to read this. NOT MY EDITOR”

The line “NOT MY EDITOR” brings up the question of whether The Quill Critic could be Ben Farwick? Farwick has been caught many times saying, “You’re not my editor” to Keehan himself during our budget meetings.

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However, Ben Farwick is a writer the critic seems not to favor either. The Quill Critic called him out for his lack of factual statements in his article Mercy sympathizers. Also claiming no one cares about Mercy which is a false statement coming from The Quill Critic because there is a whole support group set up around sympathizing for Mercy.

Another writer who has crossed paths with The Quill critic is Justin Donovan. After Donovan took two weeks to make a video about Elder’s parking lot and finally posted it, The Quill Critic struck leaving a flustering comment.

The Quill Critic commented on JD’s best of the lot:Terrible video. Does not even mention some of the best cars. Just mentions his friends and teachers he wants to make fun of. You could at least show Rogers’ Prius. Also this is an end of the year paper article not a stupid online video at the beginning of the year.”

Donavan said, “This Quill Critic is probably some pretentious left wing loony who also believes in climate change and gun control. If he is out there, I have two words for him, square up.” Donovan has a unorthodox guess on who he believes is The Quill Critic, saying junior Ben Mullaney.

With an exception to these three writers, The Quill Critic hasn’t been too harsh on anyone else. The Quill Critic even has been giving out nice comments to people like Sam Kayse and Mathew Mahon.

Kayse told me, “The Quill Critic definitely seems to be interested with the staff here at The Purple Quill. He seems to have many problems with writers, but fortunately I am a talented writer so he enjoys reading my articles. I will keep putting out fire articles for him to read.”

Kayse threw out a few possibiliites; one being Lohmiller again and the other being Collin Scheiner.

This liking for Kayse is something he is very happy about because he enjoys reading the positive feedback The Quill Critic leaves on Kayse’s articles. If only The Quill Critic and Mr. Rogers shared the same opinion on Kayse’s writings, Kayse may have passed journalism first quarter.

Another staff member The Quill Critic seems to favor, is Mathew Mahon. Mahon said, “I use the comments to better my future articles. I am a fan of the Quill Critic” I would say that The Quill Critic is hands down Mahon’s most loyal reader and biggest fan.

Mahon has a very unique suspicion that The Quill Critic is Cole Carle himself trying to relive his high school journalism days by trolling the website. This is not too far fetched due to The Quill Critic’s love for QB1 Danny Nieman and QB2 Michael Bittner.


The Quill Critic’s weird obsession with Mahon is like that of Keehan’s weird obsession with Nieman leading us to the question. Could The Quill Critic actually be John Keehan? I am not alone with this thought because when I talked to Co-editor Charlie Mazza he told me he believed it was Keehan leaving comments to gain attention.

Quill Critic follower’s comment on Steve Seger’s most recent article Is Will Austing the next great thinker?

I got in contact with Conner Lohmiller, the indicted man from 300 miles away. He told me “It is hilarious that there is a Quill Critic but I am not the man. But after these shenanigans I may start.”

The Quill Critic is now even inspiring copy cats to leave comments on The Purple Quill. The newest one is the “Quill Critic follower”. This could be Lohmiller after how he told me “After these shenanigans I may start.” Implying he will become a Quill Critic.

However, all of these names are just guesses on who The Quill Critic is and there is no confirmation at this time on this mysterious commenter’s identity.

I personally have not had any of my articles critiqued by The Quill Critic so I don’t have an opinion on him. However, I believe it’s some past editor who is reliving the glory days of writing articles for The Purple Quill by critiquing articles.

I am hoping that after this article, The Quill Critic will be in touch with me so stay tuned as I try to uncover the true identity of The Quill Critic.