Playoff controversy: Should OSU be in?

Sunday, December 3 at noon, the college football committee made a decision that rattled a lot of people.  They came out with the top four teams who would compete in the college football playoff.  Everyone knew that Clemson, Oklahoma, and Georgia all secured their spot, but it was that fourth spot that was the hot topic.  Many people said OSU deserved to be in by winning the Big 10 championship, where others said Alabama deserved to be in over them.  Their decision shocked a lot of OSU fans around the nation.

The committee ultimately chose Alabama over OSU for that final 4th spot.  When the sports world heard of this, social media blew up.  As a big twitter guy myself I saw this with my own eyes.  A lot of my friends that sadly like OSU took twitter by storm expressing their feelings about how Alabama didn’t play anyone and how OSU won the Big 10.  A message to them, that sucks.  I’m going to make myself clear: OSU does NOT deserve to be in the College Football Playoff.  You can tell me all you want that if you win your conference championship you deserve to be in, but it wont affect my decision.

Here is why they don’t deserve to be in.  1.) OSU has a terrible 31 point loss to an average Iowa team in all honesty.  Iowa kicked their butt from start to finish in that game.  It was ugly.  Just a terrible loss. 2.) Okay, you won the Big 10 Conference, but how good is the Big 10?  I think the Big 10 is overrated by a long shot.  3.)  This doesn’t have a huge affect but it still matters.  Oklahoma, who is a good team no lie, came into OSU and dominated the game.  The score shows it as a close one, but really, Baker Mayfield was OSU’s daddy all game (and after the game also).

Now to give some credit to the Buckeye fans out there, Alabama didn’t play anyone.  Their one loss was to a streaking and good Auburn team.  Alabama’s strength in their schedule is a giant joke, but Alabama is a scary team.  They have a lot of talent in their squad.  They will be a tough matchup with Clemson.

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Because we live in Ohio, I know i’m in the minority on this one, but I just think the committee made the right decision on this one.  They said from the very beginning,

the committee will pick the BEST four teams to play in the playoff”

— College Football Playoff Committee

and I think that is exactly what they did.  I think everyone was a little surprised that they chose Alabama because they didn’t win their conference and they already had an SEC team in the playoff with Georgia.  People can argue that the committee did this to prove a point that they will put two teams in from the same conference, but I believe they picked the best four teams.

Not going to lie, I’m not a fan of the Buckeyes, never have been.  But I also dislike Alabama.  Both are good team don’t get me wrong, but io think Alabama has a lot more talent on their team.  The biggest difference is their quarterback play.  JT Barrett has been mediocre at best this year, where Jalen Hurts is a big play threat.  Big plays are exactly what you need in the college football.

This decision has awakened a new argument, one that I support heavily.  Should the College Football Playoffs include 8 teams instead of 4?  My answer is easy.  Yes.  There is usually no debate on who the best 8 teams are.  It also gives an undefeated UCF team a chance to show that they are better than some Power 5 conference teams.  Give them a shot.  Pick the best 8, let the first round games be played at the higher seeds home, and we are on our way.  It’s simple and fair.  Exactly what the people want.

P.S. Clemson beats Oklahoma 38-31 in the Championship.  Mark my words.