Holiday catastrophes

Some of the worst Thanksgivings from Elder faculty and staff


The holidays are usually a special time spent with family and food. They are a time in the year when you push all of your worries aside and focus on good food, people, and stuffing. However, all of these things can come grinding to a halt with some of the events we saw this year.

Cole Klosterman had himself a heck of a Turkey bowl with four catches in the first half of his first game. Cole told me, “I was being guarded by Brandon Myers and ran passed him at least four times.” Brandon Myers then proceeded to ruin his holiday with a huge hit causing Cole to sit out the rest of the game.  He He then threw up then going home.

When I asked Cole if he thought he had a concussion he said, “No I wasn’t feeling well the entire day but that hit just jarred me.” When asking Brandon Myers how he felt about the hit he only had one thing to say, “I messed him up good.” When I asked him what that meant he said, “I am pretty sure I gave him CTE.”

Mr. Horton has been out since Thanksgiving break with a severely broken leg rumored to be broken during another Turkey Bowl. I could not get any faculty to answer my questions about his leg so I questioned people who are in his class.

Injuries are almost unpreventable in the midst of competition especially in a contact sport such as football. Personally, the only pain I went through this Thanksgiving was the pain of having to eat my aunt’s dry turkey, and having to pretend to enjoy it. A huge travesty for a food lover such as myself.

This does not compare to Brandon Myers’ Thanksgiving of 2005, which eventually ended in a family food fight, and family-swearing match. Brandon said, “It was probably the scariest thing that a 5 year old could have gone through especially on a day like Thanksgiving.” When I asked him if his family ever recovered form that Thanksgiving he said, “Eventually we all made up.”

Sometimes we forget what the holiday season is all about, and we lose sight of the reason of the season. We need to focus more on what we have rather focus on what we do not have.