Eli Manning benching is stupid

Eli and McAdoo discuss a questionable play-call

(Evan Pinkus via AP)

Eli and McAdoo discuss a questionable play-call

The New York Giants head coach, Ben McAdoo, decided to bench future Hall of Fame quarterback, Eli Manning, against the Oakland Raiders in week 13 of the NFL season.

This move ended the quarterback’s 210-game starting streak, which is the second longest in NFL history. There have been 188 different QB’s start throughout the NFL in that span of games. Manning has started every Giants game since November 21, 2004 when he took over for Kurt Warner.

McAdoo was fired Monday as the team fell to 2-10 on the year. So I guess that makes him the ex-coach of the New York Giants. Anyway, McAdoo suggested Eli continue to start the games but share time with the backups, Geno Smith and Davis Webb, but Eli, having a sense of integrity, declined the offer because there is no point in keeping the streak alive if he isn’t wanted on the field.

So Geno Smith was given the start on Sunday, and let’s not forget, Geno was cut from the Jets. Yes, THE JETS! No wonder coach got fired! He put his job in the hands of Geno Smith! Geno Smith is not a good football player and the Giants want to start him over one of the greatest quarterbacks of his generation. Pathetic!

Eli Manning is the New York Giants.”

— Rex Ryan

WacAdoo get your mustache and your hair gel and get out. The Giants are better off without him. He’ll be lucky to find himself coaching little league next fall.

“I’ll back him up, I’ll be a good teammate. I don’t like it, but it is part of football,” said Manning while fighting back tears talking about Geno and Davis. Yes, it is a part of football, but not if your backups cannot even come close to the talent level of the starter.

Ben, your quarterback wasn’t your problem. The Giants lost their top two receivers this year, Victor Cruz (free agent) and Odell Beckham Jr. (injury), so there isn’t a “go to” guy to throw to. I’m not making excuses for Eli, but every good quarterback has a good offensive line and receiving core to help him out.

When news of the benching hit the media, many claimed the Eli era in New York was over. “I plan on playing next season,” exclaimed Manning to reporters. As he should. He has not reached his limit yet and still has a few years left to use his talents on Sundays. Former NFL players and coaches reacted to the benching on twitter.

“Wow so eli manning is get benched. Is it me or is #BenMcAdoo running out of people to throw under the bus. He’s like a student who didn’t study for a test but keeps saying the teacher just doesn’t like me. No Son you failed yourself. Str8 donkey #facts” – Steve Smith Sr.

“You can’t bench Eli Manning! That’s my quarterback!” – Terrell Owens

The Giants fell to the Raiders, 24-17, with Geno holding the reigns. With Ben McAdoo fired, I would not be surprised if Eli has his starting job back in week 14 against the Dallas Cowboys.