Athletes of the Month-January


Here at Elder, we have many special things happening all year long. These include academics, service, singing, and performing. But I want to shine a light on the athletes that are really going off and leading their respective winter sport right now. In this edition of the Athletes of the Month, I tackle athletes from basketball (Zach Harp), swimming (Austin Smith), hockey (Matt Mahon), bowling (Alex Clark), and Wrasslin‘ (Austin Murphy).

The first athlete I caught up with, was my easiest. Matt Mahon is currently in journalism with me, but also killing it on the ice for the Panthers. Mahon told me, “The team is doing really well again this year, I could not do what I do without help from the guys around me.” Mahon has won the Cincinnati Enquirer boys hockey player of the week, and has lead the team in many statistical categories.

Mahon told me that there are many other key players on the team including; Jacob Henn, Charlie Garnett, and Matt Larkin. Mahon also told me that the big games to look forward to are LaSalle coming up, and that they may or may not see X again in the league tournament. He also told me about the Panthers most recent wins at a tournament where they beat St. X in the finals, 4-1. Mahon also wanted me to throw in that the Austin Gilkey has actually scored two goals this season.

The next athlete I caught up with, was Alex Clark. He is on the bowling team, and has been a household name for the rollers over the past few seasons.

Clark told me, “My best overall performance this year so far was probably when I rolled a 502 series.” Sounds like he was really rolling them straight that day. He also said the biggest match of the year is coming up against Oak Hills, and continued to tell me that they are undefeated in GCL right now which gives them a good shot to win it. Also, he said he thinks they could put together a run at state, considering they have only lost one match this year, to Mason.

I then caught up with Wrassler, Austin Murphy. Murphy is weighing in at a stellar 160 pounds, heaviest he has been in his career. He started off the year strong with a first place finish at the Coach’s Classic (SWOWCA).

He told me, “I think more importantly than just my performances, the team has been very strong at all weights, and I think we are built to be a dominant dual team.” He told me that the other standout performers are, Antonio McCloud, Alec Moore-Nash, William Doepker, and Seth Lambers. He told me the big matches to look out for are GCL duals at LaSalle, and he thinks they have a very good team and could make a final four run at the State Duals. Also told me he thinks they can break the record of state individual placers which is five.

The athlete of the month for basketball is senior standout, Zach Harp. Harp is clearly the heart and soul of this Elder team. He has the ability to get hot at any moment, and can make big buckets for the Panthers in crunch time. Harp leads the team in nearly every statistical area, and has his sights set high this season.

He told me, “We have a tough schedule, which I think always makes us a very dangerous tournament team.” Also said the big games are against Oak Hills next Tuesday, and pretty much every other GCL game. Other key players for the ballers, include: Brett Marsh, Andrew Broxterman, and Jake O’Brien.

The aqua Panthers are making a splash in the pool this season, and are lead by senior, Austin Smith. Smith swims very fast, he is like a young Michael Phelps in the pool.

He told me, “I think we have a solid team, we are not too overwhelming in any specific area, but we have guys in spots to get jobs done.” He said the big meets coming up are the SW Classic, and the GCL swim meet. He said X is typically unreal, but do not count the Panthers out just yet.

Keep grinding out there on the mats, ice, lanes, pool, and court. Hope to get some bodies out to all these sports events, and best of luck to all the Elder winter sport athletes.