Updated best lunches at Elder


Here at Elder, many students look forward to the middle of the day, for one reason. That reason is lunch. Lunch is my favorite part of the day because you get to relax and enjoy a little break with food. I am a student that buys lunch every single day, so I know a little about what is served here at Elder. This list is in no particular order.

Chicken Supreme

Obviously one of the students’ favorite lunches. If it is chicken supreme day, do not be surprised when the lunch line is out the door. Chicken Supreme, which is a chicken sandwich with barbeque sauce, shredded cheese, and bacon bits, has a unique taste to it. Many students have noticed the barbeque sauce this year has just been light on the chicken patty. I think this is a good move because the sauce can get a little messy. At a reasonable price, chicken supreme is one of the best.

Sloppy Fries

This is the item that many people sleep on. It seems like sloppy fries are served twice a week all the time, because they are just that good. You get a good amount of fries with chili and cheese, and maybe pick something else up. Sloppy fries is always a solid option. This is another food where the long lines are very common. Sloppy fries are not too much money, usually just $2.00-3.00.


Calzones were one of many items to debut last school year. Calzones, which are served with marinara sauce, have easily become one of my favorites. The cafeteria serves usually two different types, cheese and bacon or cheese and pepperoni. Calzones are always served nice and hot, making it a fan favorite. The best thing about the calzone is the deal. Calzones are always less than $3.00, so it is a very good deal.

Beef enchilada

The beef enchilada has made an appearance only once this school year. To be honest, I have never had an enchilada until Elder served it for lunch. The enchilada is usually served with rice, which makes it the perfect meal. I cannot compare any other enchilada because I have only had the ones in the cafeteria. This Mexican meal should make a few more appearances this semester.

Thanksgiving Dinner

The Thanksgiving dinner meal is always served the day before Thanksgiving break. This meal is like a little warm up for the big dinner with your family. For $4.00, you receive turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy, green beans, a roll, and pumpkin pie. I mean, who doesn’t like Thanksgiving dinner. It is one of the meals I will never forget here at Elder High School.

Dollar day

The second Wednesday of every month always brings the deals. To start the day off in the morning, pancake Wednesday provides an excellent option. Three pancakes and lots of syrup for just a $1. You cannot beat that deal anywhere. But the bargains continue at lunch. For only $1, you can choose corn dogs, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese and two cookies. Everything else served is at a reduced price.

Other lunches to mention are cheese coneys, spicy chicken sandwich, chicken club sandwich, nacho supreme, philly cheesesteak, three ways.