Black Panther lives up to hype

Newest Marvel offering filled with action and social messages.


I really enjoyed the recently released blockbuster film, Black Panther. All the actors were perfect for their roles. It was a great story. I was worried about not being able to understand and follow the story line but this was not the case.

They did a great job of laying out the story and background of it to make sure you were able to understand the movie. They did an amazing job of going back to snipits of the movie and let you figure parts out without telling you exactly what happened.

I was joined by a couple purple panthers (no pun intended) when I went to see this film. One who accompanied me was Corbin (falcon) Scholtes. Here are his thoughts on the flick. “I thought that the movie was going to be a lot more race oriented, but it wasn’t at all. (It was) more action filled then I expected, which was great. (It was) Just a great overall story.”

To touch on the race aspect of the film, I did want to mention a couple thoughts I had about it. Just doing an interview with an African American we talked about some racist things like how people in Africa are racist towards other tribes and that really stood out in this movie. They were rivals with each other but end up helping each other in the end. I also really enjoyed the sound track.

epic pic of black panther

The other guy I was with was Jacob Rhoads and he had something to say about the film as well. “I didn’t like the modern humor. They made a bad joke when they said ‘what are those.’ I can now see why there was so much hype  around this movie; it definitely lived up to it. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time focused in on the movie. (It was) Easily the best Marvel film I have seen yet.”

I had a really cool experience when I was leaving the theater. One of the workers gave me the black panther symbol and he was an African American so it made me feel really good.

One of the black panther tribal symbols throughout the movie was the action of making an “x” with one’s arms to identify who was in or out of the alliance. While walking out of the theater, one of the employees demonstrated the the arm cross.

It took me a moment to understand what he was implying, but after a few seconds I mimicked his black panther cross. I was amused at first, but upon deeper inspection I have come to realize the unity throughout the theater. Black Panther served as a bridge between racial and social differences, and we were able to share an easy moment which fulfilled the goal of the film as a whole.