The homeless baseball player

Baseball Hippie

If you step back and take a look at professional athletes you will see slick rides, fancy houses, and expensive watches. You understand this because you know they can afford it.

What if I said that wasn’t always the case? That there is a homeless athlete out there. There is: Daniel Norris
Daniel Norris is a young lefty pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. A man with a net worth of $2 million and no house.

Where does Daniel live? Out of the back of his old school Volkswagen He lives, eats, sleeps, and drives out of that ole yeller.
His love for nature and the outdoors makes him sort of a “clean hippy”, says his fellow teammates.

In his free time outside of baseball, you may be able to spot him cruising in the right lane taking it slow just chilling out and vibing to nature’s beauty.

He enjoys hiking, photography, surfing, and pretty much anything that involves the outdoors. Daniel’s focus is “Finding balance in his life.” He’s all about spending time with just himself and his thoughts.

Listening to Daniel talk you can tell he is at peace with himself and is all about love and positivity. His attitude on life is something to look up to and is the thing I most admire about him.

Off season workouts consist of driving down to the nearest Walmart and doing pull ups on their kart racks.His love for photography leads him to natural discoveries that people consumed by technology will never experience.

Daniel’s left hand throwing ability is the reason why he has been a standout talent in the MLB, but he wants us to focus on his views.
“Technology can blind us from what really matters in the world like love and balance,” says Daniel.

It’s hard to catch Daniel mad. He is always upbeat and cheery. Just a man and his car. Daniel will keep taking it easy for years to come I can guarantee you that.

His Volkswagon may break down constantly but he has proven that living a homeless life can be a great life.
“I will settle down when the time is right,” Daniel states. Until then he will travel every inch of the Unites States exploring its beauty.

All of the beauty he encounters is captured on his camera. He loves taking pictures so he remembers all the memorable sports he has traveled to.

Daniel is truly a unique character in his line of work. You don’t see many hippie ball players out there living in what he takes to work.

I my opinion, this world needs more Daniel’s out there taking life slow and making the most of it. There is no doubt in my mind that he has found happiness and I will try to live by Daniels philosophy in my own life: “love is the key.”