Baseball boys off to a hot start


Little Michael Tucker doing his work running some bases

Elder baseball is back in action and they are off to a hot start that no one could have predicted. The Panthers have started the 2018 season 8-1 with their only loss coming in a close game with the Moeller Crusaders, 3-1.

Starting the season, the baseball team was ranked 47th in the state but now with this outstanding start they have moved all the way up to fourth in the state according to PBR (Prep Baseball Report).

Don’t get me wrong these boys haven’t had an easy road so far and have gotten some big wins against Oak Hills, LaSalle, St. Xavier, and Badin.

With this very hot start to the season people are wondering how it has happened. I got to talk to senior captain TJ Kearns about why their team has been so successful thus far.

Max Lenhardt up to bat against the Moeller Crusaders

I asked TJ who he thought the best hitters on his team were right now and he told me that senior first baseman Max Lenhardt and third baseman Drew Klaserner have had a lot of success.

I asked TJ why he thought they have been so successful and he told me, “We have a very talented senior class that has had a lot of experience and the juniors really fill in the gaps where we need them.”

This past Monday, TJ got walked for dub against ST. X. I asked him how he felt about getting walked and he told me, “You know I definitely would’ve rather gotten a hit but still we got the dub so that felt good.”

I was at that game and TJ watched that ball on a full count. He had some guts to not swing at that ball. He claimed he wasn’t worried but all of us in that stands felt nervous.

Danny Nieman on the mound for the panthers

Panther pitching has been very successful and a big part of that has been Kyle Klingenback and Danny Nieman. TJ told me,” Kyle is probably our best pitcher but Nieman had the game of his life against St. X.”

Their hardest competition this season will be the Moeller Crusaders but GCL schools in general give them a hard time.

Pullquote Photo

The only reason we lost to Moeller is because we beat ourselves.”

— T.J. Kearns

TJ told me that a big game he wants to see everyone at is the game against LaSalle at Great American ballpark. This game will be April 20th and will definitely be an exciting game.

Also got to hear from senior outfielder Michael Tucker and his input about this booming start to their baseball season.

Tuck got walked in for the win against X and he told me it was a real nice feeling walking to home plate to score the game winning run.

I asked Tuck who would be give them a hard time this season and he told me that if they meet Mason in the playoffs then they could give them some trouble.

Their team this year has been slept on in general but they have proved that they have a lot of depth and talent.

It’s too early to tell what kind of chance they will have at state but if they continue to play as a team then who knows anything could happen.