Exploring summer jobs

Exploring summer jobs

Summer jobs are a great way to make a little cash before the start of the next school. Money is money, so you best be finding the best place to work. People will tell you of jobs that they hate and dread going to, but people will also tell you of jobs that are great. If you are spoiled and don’t pay for diddly, don’t read this article. But for the rest of us hard working folks, here is a guide to summer jobs.

First we have your most basic summer job and that is working at a pool. Lifeguards are the poster children of summer jobs. Odds are you probably know of someone who is a lifeguard somewhere. Lifeguards are trained to save lives and that’s pretty neat. You receive CPR training as well which could prove useful from a professional stand point.

The pros of being a lifeguard are obvious. You don’t have to wear a shirt all day long and you get to show off your pre-summer gains. You also get a really nice tan. The cons are your work day could be very boring and you don’t make a lot of money. You could also be a concessions stand worker at a swim club. The job is pretty basic and you get to stay in a shaded room with a cool fan blowing on you. The bad thing is you’ll be pasty white by the end of the summer, and you make a little less than the lifeguards.

The other job that a lot of Elder students have is cutting grass. I used to be an avid grass cutter. The bad thing is transportation of the lawnmower and supplies. You don’t necessarily need a pickup truck but it helps. If you don’t have a truck than you must have a vehicle big enough to haul a lawnmower. The best thing about cutting grass is that you are your own boss, unless obviously you work for an actual landscaping company. The pay is what you make it. The standard pay is usually twenty dollars a lawn, but prices will fluctuate.

Another popular job is working at the country clubs/golf courses. There are a lot of Elder students working at Western Hills Country Club especially. You can

A glorious photograph of Western Hills Country Club.

be a landscaper, caddie, or work in the clubhouse. The good thing about this job is you are surrounded by rich people. That being said, tips are usually pretty generous. Aside from that, you may have to work in some pretty warm conditions. However, it’s a great opportunity to do some networking. One of those wealthy club members might just set you up with a great job.

So good luck on your hunt for a summer job. There are many things to look for when finding a job, but the most important thing is to get a job that you don’t hate. You’re probably not going to find your dream summer job, but if you’re miserable than it’s just not worth doing.