Who is Elder’s biggest Trump fan?


As cars pull into the parking lot in the morning, you will see some that proudly display the red, white, and blue Trump sticker on their back bumper. They will more than likely gladly tell you about their support of Trump and will not stray away from arguing their love of the President. So I decided to find out who truly are the biggest Trump fans at Elder High School.

As I asked many people who the biggest Trump fans at Elder were, a name that continued to be brought up was Nick Folzenlogen. Folzenlogen is one of those guys at Elder that has a Trump sticker on his bumper and he is not scared to tell anyone of his love for Trump. I had the opportunity to catch up with Nick and ask him a few questions to find out why he supports Trump so much.

Folzenlogen informed me that he has supported Trump for a very long time and even attended a Trump Rally in 2016 where he bought a Trump t-shirt that he still wears proudly to this day. He said that this is where he truly became a Trump fan because it is where he witnessed Trump call out the fake media and  stated what his views and political plans were if he were to become President. He also informed me that his family members are also strong supporters of the Trump administration.

Nick stated that he considers himself a Republican Conservative and he believes that Trump represents the modern day party in every way. He also said that he loves the way that Trump “tells it as is it and does not sugar coat things”.

However, many would say that this is a negative aspect of Trump, so I asked Nick if, in his opinion, if there were any negative things that Trump has said or did while in office. In particular I mentioned the recent incident with Stormy Daniels. He said, “People idolize Stormy Daniels like she was some saint that has never done anything wrong… she is an adult film actress.” He also said that people can go ahead and say that Trump has done terrible things but they should not forget about Benghazi or the Whitewater Scandal that the Clintons were involved in.

I then asked Nick if he would have supported Trump if he had run as an Independent instead of Republican. He believes that if he had known what Trump had stood for, he would have still supported him but he believes that he would have lost the election due to the split vote between the Republican Party and Trump. Nick said that his opinion on Trump could not be changed unless a more conservative Republican were to run.

Finally, I asked if he thinks Trump will run for re-election in the 2020 election and if he would vote for him. He said yes and no. Yes, because his approval rating is higher than Obama’s was at this time. However, if Trump does not run, then I think that Pence will. Also, I would love to see Ben Shapiro run for President even though it is a long shot. Although, if Trump does end up running for re-election, I will gladly wear my Trump t-shirt to the voting booth and vote for the man that truly deserves it, my President, Donald Trump.