Gronk’s back

Tight End Rob Gronkowski is back from his injuries and he is hitting it hard on and off the field


Gronkowski spikes the ball as he usually does after his last touchdown

Luckily for fantasy owners and football fanatics alike, Rob Gronkowski is back.

After six weeks of waiting, fantasy owners that have been holding a spot on their roster and the Patriots now have added Gronk back into their starting lineup – and no one is disappointed.

“Oh felt great getting back out on that field!” Gronkowski tweeted from his personal account. “Gotta keep working hard!”

No one doubts that.

Through his first two games back, Gronk has had 10 receptions for 141 yards with a long of 30. He has yet to catch a touchdown, but everyone knows that will come in time. With Tom Brady’s passing game seeming a little off all season due to the loss of Wes Welker, Aaron Hernandez and Gronk, Brady could be the happiest of them all knowing he has his saving grace to fall back on again.

With Gronk’s forearm and back injuries finally subsiding and allowing him to play, it seems that he will be just as active on the field as he is off. As the world knows, Gronkowski loves to party (once racking up a $7,000 bar tab), so much so even the party master Johnny Manziel said he wanted to party with him.

He has had a very quiet year when it came to his off the field antics during his injury, but it seems that he is ready to hit the party scene again.

On November 11, Gronk will be hosting his Citi Rob Gronkowski Football Women’s Clinic at Harvard Stadium in Boston. All participates must be 21 or older.

For just $99, women can spend three hours on the field with Gronk. He will be providing the ladies with food, alcohol (“Gronk-tinis” as they call them), and basic football skills. He said they will even be allowed to take a picture with him afterward if he likes them enough.

The expected Gronk to women ratio is 1/500.


Gronkowski has the skills to bring an already well off Patriots team to a great finish for the regular season. You can expect him to be a big part of the Patriots offense once again.

One of the most dominate tight ends in the league is back, killing the field – and the ladies.