Madden 19 excites the gaming world

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Madden 19’s graphics are better than ever before giving you the real-life feel of being at each game.

This year’s game changes the way Madden players hit while the users hear the outrageous sounds.

There have been many Madden games created and they have improved since the 2000’s. Madden is a game that has every NFL team. You can play with the real players in real life and they have all the capabilities that they have in real football.

There are many features in Madden that include Franchise mode, Ultimate Team,  and making your own player. Yet another cool feature takes you through high school, college, and into the NFL called Longshot.

The unique part of this year’s edition of Madden is that you can continue your Longshot career by getting back to where you left off with the quarterback from last year’s Madden 18. There are also new gameplay features and end zone celebrations that you have never been able to choose before.

There is not one main character in Madden. That is what makes this game unique because you can be your favorite team or your favorite player.

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Other characters who are not the main focus are the announcers: Jonathon Coachman, Charles Davis, and Brandon Gotten. They play a minor role because they just announce on how the main characters (NFL players) play in the game.

The new Player Locomotion, or Run Cycles, is the feature that is going to have the biggest impact on Madden gameplay. The Locomotion system has been rebuilt using technological innovations from across a variety of EA games and was designed in a way that intuitively balances the line between responsiveness and authenticity according to This is one of the most important features of Madden.

The new Madden will give you excitement on every single game you play. It makes you want to play more and more games always wanting to improve to be better at the game.


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