For whom the Bell tolls

Photo of LeVeon Bell depicted as Waldo (as in wheres Waldo?) used by Steelers OL Ramon Foster to troll Bell

Photo of Le’Veon Bell depicted as Waldo (as in “where’s Waldo?) used by Steeler’s OL Ramon Foster to troll Bell

Week one in the NFL was full of surprises. For instance, Ryan Fitzpatrick led the Bucs to victory over the Saints in the highest scoring week one game of all time. For NFL fans around the world, Le’Veon Bell missing the first game did not come as a shock.

Bell is known for his patience in the backfield; waiting for just the right moment to dart through the hole. Little did the Steelers know, his patience is a wonder off the field as well.

Bell refused to sign his franchise tag contract before the season kicked off, and after week one, the Steelers do not expect him to return anytime soon.

Created by Tyler Macenko; for whom the Bell tolls…where will Le’Veon land?

Time table is set for week ten at this point just to ensure that he can be a free agent after this season. You can bet things will be ugly upon his return. For example, his own offensive linemen were trashing him on twitter. After this year, it is likely Bell will no longer be a Steeler. In fact, they have removed him from the depth chart for week two already.

It is clear he is after the money, so he will end up with whoever is willing to pay him the most. This absence has left an impact on Fantasy Footballers, Steelers fans, and certainly Bengals fans.

Le’Veon Bell was a top three draft pick in most fantasy drafts. This kills any fantasy teams with hopes of wearing the crown at the end of the season, and owners are not taking this lightly. The stakes are high, and it will take a miracle to contend for the title if you drafted this scrub with your first overall pick. “I really don’t like the NFL or support it because of people (he didn’t say people) like him,” said fantasy owner, Will Austing. “My fantasy team is done,” said Austing.

Will knows his season is not looking bright, but he remains optimistic and claims his team is “scrappy” and has what it takes to overcome adversity. Austing doesn’t care about Bell even the slightest: “I hope he doesn’t get signed again.” Another owner, Brandon Good, said Bell is just being greedy because he is already making more money than most running backs.

In the League I am in, Bell was drafted first overall by Ty Qunell. His team is equivalent to hot garbage without Bell. “My team is a mess. I took (Bell) number one overall and I’m going to get no more than six weeks out of him. I should have taken Gurley or someone else: look what Tyreek Hill did this past weekend (40+ fantasy points). Bell has turned out to be a garbage pick. But hey, I’ll gladly come in last and drive a Chevy Spark for a month if it means that Steelers suck because he is out. Who Dey,” exclaimed Qunell. As previously mentioned, a Spark is the most undesirable vehicle on the lot at a Chevy store making it the punishment in the Kelsey Chevrolet league.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports
Dec 23, 2012; Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger fumbles the ball as he is sacked by Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Geno Atkins

That last part of what Qunell said perfectly illustrates the animosity Bengals fans feel toward Bell and the Steelers. It would almost be appropriate for Bengals fans to thank Bell because the Steelers couldn’t overcome the Browns without him. Even fans with him on their team, like Qunell, are pleased with his absence. Since the Bengals took care of business in Indy, they are sitting above the Steelers in the NFC North.

Thank you Le’Veon from everyone here in Cincinnati. You deserve your money, so take your sweet time getting back into action. For all you Bengals fans, enjoy the picture to the right.

Die hard Steelers fan, Jakob James, is at a loss for words when he has to talk about this guy. Bell’s own offensive lineman, Ramon Foster, even trolled him on twitter. It is pretty certain he is not very popular in Steeler Nation right now. However, Steelers fans like Jake are not too concerned at the moment because their backup, James Conner, put on a show in week one.

“James Conner is the man and I am excited to see what he brings to the table this season,” said James. Being a Bengals fan myself, I poked a few jokes about not being able to beat the Browns at Jake, and because the Steelers’ hatred of the Bengals is as strong as the reciprocal he fired back: “I suggest you catch up on the Cleveland Browns with a couple Hard Knocks episodes because they have some dudes this year. I expect the Bengals to give a nice effort this year like they always do but still finish last in the division. Who Dey.”

Thus, Le’Veon Bell’s absence has caused some problems in many realms. Whether it is in Steeler Nation or in Fantasy Football, there is still no love lost between the Who Deys and the Steelers.